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Deliver high-performance 5G business mobile phones to your workforce, browse from our range of the latest iPhone and Samsung business phones.

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We’ll connect you to the fastest speeds in your area on EE – voted the best UK network seven years in a row, and now with superfast 5G in more places.

Check if you could be getting better coverage on a business mobile plan from BT.

Why choose a BT business mobile plan

Free wi-fi hotspots

Free data at over 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots around the UK

On EE’s No.1 network

Fastest 5G in more places on the best UK network 7 years in a row

Wi-fi on the London Underground

Work online in more than 250 Tube stations with wi-fi provided by Virgin Media

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FAQS for business mobile deals

What’s the difference between a personal phone and a business phone?

Business phones come with business benefits. Buying a business mobile, rather than a personal phone, means your contract and handset (if there’s an upfront cost) is VAT-free, saving you money. Other benefits from BT Business include free Wi-Fi on the London Underground, EU roaming for no extra cost, and unlimited BT Wi-fi from over 5 million hotspots all around the UK.

You can save up to £10 on your business mobile contract when you buy or renew business internet from BT.

Can I keep my existing number?

If you're switching to us and want to keep your current number, we need your PAC (Porting Authority Code). For more information on switching to BT and keeping your number, read our network switching guide.

I’m an employer, how can I manage my employees’ devices?

If you want to ensure that phones are used safely and stick to any information security policy you have in place, consider a mobile device management service to keep things safe, secure, and well-managed.

What if I already have a phone?

If you’ve already got a phone you like, then you can just buy a plan with minutes, texts, and data from one of our business SIM-only deals.

Which mobile brands can I choose from?

We carry a wide range of business handsets from Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, and Sony.

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