We’ve upgraded your BT Cloud Voice package with Webex

Webex gives you more

The way we work has changed. Flexibility is everything, we want to work on documents, share screens, exchange messages and get together on video calls, wherever we are.

Webex is a powerful collaboration tool that puts you in the room when you’re not in the building. And now it’s part of your BT Cloud Voice package. 


How do I get started?


Setting up Webex is really simple. Just view the setup videos or take a look at our PDF guide [2.27 MB]. They’ll take you through each step.


You’ll need your login details for the Cloud Voice Business Portal.

Forgotten these? Your company admin user will be able to confirm your details and reset your password.

When you’re up and running

If you are the administrator responsible for your employees/colleagues, please ensure you help them get setup on Webex too. Feel free to share this page, and the videos, and PDFs above to help them get started. Do remember to uninstall the Communicator app from all your devices too.



Why do I need to change to Webex ?

The current Cloud Voice Communicator application is being withdrawn and is being replaced with Webex. Which offers a superior collaboration experience with greater functionality and features.

What happens if I don’t move to Webex ?

You will be missing out on the improved voice and collaboration app Webex. 

In time it will mean that you will no longer be able to use the Communicator application as it is being withdrawn – so best to change now to make the most of Webex. There will be further notifications, but it is being removed.

Are there any charges for Webex ?

There are no additional charges for Webex unless to wish to take the optional chargeable Premium Meetings add on.

  • Cloud Voice Connect Users and Cloud Voice Collaborate Users automatically receive the upgrade to Webex with no extra charges
  • Cloud Voice Premium Meetings is an add-on that gives you premium features such as a Personal Meeting Room participant limit of 1,000 for example
How do I use Webex ?

Depending on your Cloud Voice licence you will have access to a variety of messaging, meeting and collaboration features as part of Webex.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the core features available in Webex and how to use them.

Cloud Voice with Webex Features Guide 

If more information is required please go to the - Webex help & support pages

What are the differences between Cloud Voice Communicator and Webex?

What are the differences between  Cloud Voice Communicator and Webex? They are totally different, Webex is a completely new application with lots of new functionality.  As a new app it means you will be starting a fresh.

The key benefits are:

  • High-quality video meetings and screen sharing. Be ‘in the room’ from wherever you are. Why spend time on the road when you can be more effective on the internet? 
  • Instant file sharing. Simply drag and drop files into a space for a colleague or your whole team. It couldn’t be easier, with neatly organised, searchable and saved files. 
  • White boarding. Sketch out ideas on a digital white board during your calls, with everyone able to pitch-in in real time. For those times when it’s quicker to show people what you’re trying to say.  
  • Secure virtual work spaces. For everything from completing short-term projects to solving longer-term business opportunities.
  • Flexible working. Cloud Voice with Webex seamlessly adapts to whatever device you’re using - smartphone, tablet, desktop - so you can work wherever and however you want.


What do I need to know before I move to Webex?
  • Your Company Directory, Group Contacts, and Personal Phone List you may have on the Business Portal is accessible in Webex, you just need to search for the name and telephone number and add it to Webex contacts. It won’t automatically populate the contacts
  • Also any Chats on Communicator will not be transferred over, so if there is any important information in them please copy and save this information before you uninstall communicator
  • Call Centres using Communicator have the option for different ring tones for incoming calls. This is not currently available on Webex there is just one ring tone. This is raised as an improvement
  • Single Click mode – if you have used this on Communicator it means you have set up a contact to always call one number. On Webex when you select a contact any numbers will be displayed you just need to click on the correct number.