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Avaya IP Office


Mid-range, on-premises VoIP hybrid phones for the best of both new and traditional technology



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The scalable phone system that can expand alongside your business


Avaya IP Office phones bring together your calls, messaging, conferencing, and customer management into a single phone system. It’s an expandable, unified communications solution, sending email, voicemail, and text to the same inbox.

It delivers the right software features to the right people, specific to their job role. So people can work from anywhere with an internet connection - at home, on the road or in the office - and still use all the IP Office system features that they rely on.

We will manage the project, working with you to survey your site and cabling, install the system, bring it online, and train your people.

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Included as standard

Proactive Remote Monitoring

New! We’ll proactively monitor your phone system round the clock, making sure that everything is always working how it should be.

If we find a problem, PRM will automatically alert our Fault Control Centre, no matter what time or day of the week it is. This means that our engineers can start working on any faults that occur outside of normal working hours, often before you’re even aware of them.

PRM is only available to customers buying a new phone system from 9th February 2016.

VoIP or traditional lines

Flexibility to call via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to make calls over IP, rather than the traditional telephone network. 

A single inbox for messages

Get voicemail and email on your mobile phone in the same inbox, whether you’re at home, on the road, or in the office.

Route calls quickly and accurately

Built-in intelligence routes your calls to the right person.

Multiple device set-up

Set-up calls to ring simultaneously on multiple devices such as office, mobile and home.


You can host calls for up to 128 participants and reduce the need to travel.

Payment options

If you don’t want to pay upfront, we have several finance options to help spread the cost.

Help and support

Support by phone from dedicated helpdesk and online knowledgebase. 

If you have a fault with your system, we’ll respond by the end of the next working day (excluding public holidays).

Optional extras


When we install the system, we’ll give you an overview of how it works so you’re comfortable with the basics. 

To get the most out of your system, we can run training courses for your advanced users or administrators. See our training course brochure.


Depending on different roles in your business, people may need IP phones, digital, DECT, or softphones. See the brochure for details.

Enhanced care options

Choose a service response time to suit your business-

Prompt Care: if you have a fault with your system, we’ll respond within 4 working hours (excluding public holidays).

Total Care: we’ll respond within 4 hours (including public holidays).

SIP trunking with BT SIP Trunk

SIP trunking can help you save money by using your data network to handle all your calls so you no longer need separate phone lines.

BT SIP Trunk channels start at just £8.95 a month, which includes a generous call allowance and free calls between BT SIP Trunks.

Quality is just as important, which is why we offer Quality of Service that ensures calls are prioritised, so quality is not compromised.

You also get more flexibility than with traditional phone lines: you can market your business locally around the country, take your numbers with you if you move, and have your calls diverted to another site in the event of an emergency.

If you’re investing in a data network, SIP trunking makes that investment work harder for you. BT SIP Trunk.

Why BT Business?

Get the right solution for your business from BT Local Business experts
Unbeatable local knowledge, national resources, and personal service
Personal contact helps us get to know you and your business challenges
We’re the leading provider of phone systems in the UK, right on your doorstep


I'm an IP Office customer. Where can I find help?

Firstly take a look at our online Help.

Still need help? Just get in touch with our helpdesk on 0800 378 822.

Can I upgrade my existing phone system or purchase replacement handsets?

Please get in touch to discuss.  We no longer sell systems like BCM and BT Versatility but we still fully maintain them (including upgrades and replacement office phones for BT Versatility).

Things you need to know

Legal stuff

Maintenance of Equipment terms can be found here.



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