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Avaya IP Office


Entry-level to mid-range flexible on-premises VoIP phone systems, for the best of both new and traditional technology.



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The scalable phone system that can expand alongside your business

Avaya IP Office brings together your calls, messaging, conferencing, and customer management into a single phone system.

There are four editions for you to choose from, starting with the entry-level IP Office Connect right up to the more advanced IP Office Server. These expandable, unified communications solutions send email, voicemail and text to the same inbox.

Avaya IP Office delivers the right software features to the right people, specific to their job role. So people can work from anywhere with an internet connection – at home, on the road or in the office – and still use all the IP Office system features that they rely on.

We’ll manage the project, working with you to survey your site and cabling, install the system, bring it online, and train your people.

Which IP Office is right for you?

IP Office Connect

Our basic system can keep up to 24 people connected. The phone and broadband network can be managed using software, a web portal or individual phones. You can upgrade without swapping your hardware. Stepping up to Essential Edition is as easy as buying a licence.


IP Office Essential Edition

Get started with voicemail, caller ID and call transfers. Office Essential is a hit with small businesses who want:

· Secure conference calls Your people can host password-protected conference calls.

· Call recording Record calls for reference, review or training.

· Intelligent routing The Essential Edition can put customers through to different people – based on phone number or location.

IP Office Preferred Edition

The Preferred Edition has all the features of IP Office Essential. But has 10 times the messaging power. Among other feats, this lets you send a voicemail to the entire company.

IP Office Server Edition

Server Edition is powerful enough to keep 2,000 users connected to phone, email and instant messaging, across 32 offices. And keep 150 voicemail channels open. Just the trick for medium sized businesses. You can manage this massive system and licensing using a single web portal. And add on IP Office Contact Centre for features designed for call centres. This lets you track the ways customers have interacted with you – from voice calls to email and social media.

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Included as standard

Proactive Remote Monitoring

New! We’ll proactively monitor your phone system round the clock, making sure that everything is always working how it should be.

If we find a problem, PRM will automatically alert our Fault Control Centre, no matter what time or day of the week it is. This means that our engineers can start working on any faults that occur outside of normal working hours, often before you’re even aware of them.

VoIP or traditional lines

Flexibility to call via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to make calls over IP, rather than the traditional telephone network. 

A single inbox for messages

Get voicemail and email on your mobile phone in the same inbox, whether you’re at home, on the road, or in the office.

Route calls quickly and accurately

Built-in intelligence routes your calls to the right person.

Multiple device set-up

Control calls so they ring simultaneously on office phones, at home and on mobiles (not available with IP Office Connect).


You can host calls for up to 128 participants and reduce the need to travel.

Payment options

If you don’t want to pay upfront, we have several finance options to help spread the cost.

Help and support

Support by phone from dedicated helpdesk and online knowledgebase. 

If you have a fault with your system, we’ll respond by the end of the next working day (excluding public holidays).

Optional extras


Our Customer Training Portal is the perfect place for you to learn how to fine-tune your system as your business changes and grows.

  • 24/7 access to a suite of training courses and video content
  • Use our training portal to view and book upcoming live webcast courses
  • Train from anywhere – great for remote workers and businesses with multiple sites
  • Learn how to change or implement features, as and when you need them
  • On-site courses available if you prefer face-to-face training


Depending on different roles in your business, people may need IP phones, digital, DECT, or softphones. See the brochure for details.

Enhanced care options

Choose a service response time to suit your business-

Prompt Care: if you have a fault with your system, we’ll respond within 4 working hours (excluding public holidays).

Total Care: we’ll respond within 4 hours (including public holidays).

Make calls over the internet with BT Cloud Voice SIP

Spend less on business calls and get more flexibility. Give your phone system the power of the cloud.

With BT Cloud Voice SIP, your calls are made over your internet connection, rather than over a traditional phone line. And because calls are always prioritised over other internet traffic, you’ll always have a great connection.

You can have as many numbers as you like – without paying for separate phone lines. You can market your business locally around the country, take your numbers with you if you move, and divert your calls to another site hassle free.

If you’re investing in a data network, BT Cloud Voice SIP makes that investment work harder for you.

On-hold music and messaging

We have a range of on-hold and messaging services, including:

  • Professional greeting messaging
  • Digital memory playback devices so you can produce customised on-hold marketing messages and rapidly change your copyright-free music
  • Fully-managed suite of messaging services: regular update of on-hold music plus scheduled marketing messages

Voice recording

Call recording services on analogue, ISDN2, ISDN 30, and SIP lines for all types of business: single user, SME, and corporate. 

  • Call recording options including on-demand, all-calls, selected-extensions, and mobiles
  • Help with PCI compliance
  • Training and evaluating staff
  • Speech analytics
  • Workforce optimisation recording

Unified Communicator

Get a screen-pop showing all your caller’s details before you answer a call. The BT Unified Communicator software connects your agents’ PC desktops to the phone system and your database (or Outlook).

  • Dial from an address book, Outlook, or CRM contact page
  • Send and receive internal messages
  • Each user has a companywide view of the status of their colleagues (so they know whether to call, transfer or send messages to them)
  • Windows and MAC desktop clients
  • Attendant console for complete companywide visibility and control

Secure Access Control

Access control options from a simple, single button intercom-based solution to complete access control systems. 

  • Access control systems connected to analogue or SIP extensions
  • Link to BT-installed lock mechanisms that allow people to control the lock from their BT phone handset
  • Options for internal cameras that display images of visitors on your PC screen

Audio Visual ringing options

Loud rings and flashing lights for noisy areas where people can’t normally hear the phone ring.

  • Analogue and SIP loud ringing devices
  • LED strobe units that flash simultaneously with the handset ring in noisy areas
  • Paging units so you can make announcements directly from your phone handset (for use in production areas and waiting rooms).
  • Range of IP paging systems
  • Interface to connect existing PA systems to your new BT IP phone system, if needed


Choose from a wide range of corded and wireless headsets from well-known brands such as Jabra and Plantronics, including mono, duo, and premium options. 

DECT handsets

DECT handsets are high-quality cordless phones that use Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology, which is compatible with all of our phone systems including the MiVoice Business, and Avaya IP Office.

Structured cabling

With structured cabling there is no need for independent voice and data wiring; structured cabling accommodates both. And it allows you to carry out your own moves and changes.  

Consider structured cabling if you’re -

  • Changing to an IP phone system (including BT Cloud Voice)
  • Moving premises
  • Kitting out a new building or greenfield site (we’ll give you a quote based on plans and drawings)
  • Planning an office refurbishment or reorganisation
  • Struggling with bandwidth-hungry applications like video conferencing or data streaming and you need faster servers and PCs

Why BT for structured cabling?

  • Our pricing includes all of the cabling components you’ll need to support the new phone system/LAN/cloud solution
  • We have specialist structured cabling engineers
  • Our cabling and associated products come with a 25-year warranty
  • We co-ordinate the installation with your other BT products

Call Accountant

Stay on top of every call and control your costs.

Get the big picture on all the calls coming in and going out of your business. Find out your busiest times of the day, discover the cost of outgoing calls split by department, and everything in between.

HuntGroup View

Analyse your real-time call patterns to improve customer service.

HuntGroup View will improve call handling, raise customer service levels and drive productivity in your business by giving you all the data you need.

Why BT Business?

Get the right solution for your business from BT Local Business experts
Unbeatable local knowledge, national resources, and personal service
Personal contact helps us get to know you and your business challenges
We’re the leading provider of phone systems in the UK, right on your doorstep


I'm an IP Office customer. Where can I find help?

Firstly take a look at our online Help.

Still need help? Just get in touch with our helpdesk on 0800 378 822.

Can I upgrade my existing phone system or purchase replacement handsets?

Please get in touch to discuss.  We no longer sell systems like BCM and BT Versatility but we still fully maintain them (including upgrades and replacement office phones for BT Versatility).

Things you need to know

Legal stuff

Prices exclude VAT of 20%

Maintenance of Equipment terms can be found here.



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