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Boost your bandwidth with BTnet

Get 300Mbps for the price of 100Mbps, or 1Gbps for the price of 500Mbps. Available on 1Gbps circuits on a 3 or 5 year contract. T&Cs apply, offer ends 04/01/19.


Get up to £2,500 towards your BTnet

BT are participating in the UK Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. The scheme offers up to £2,500 towards your BTnet connection and construction charges. It's a grant not a loan, so you don't have to pay it back. You just pay the VAT, any upfront amount over £2,500 and the monthly rental charge.


When internet connectivity is the cornerstone of your business, and nothing less than 100% availability and scorching speeds will do, you need a BTnet leased line. Now with new integrated Wi-Fi, Guest Wi-Fi and simple LAN included. Plus the option to add our new BTnet Security package.



Find out more about BTnet to see why it’s our ultimate internet connection.


BTnet Express

Discover BTnet Express – the great value, fixed-price leased line for a rock-solid connection.

Exceptional upload and download speed with ultra-low latency

  • You don’t share your speed with anyone so you get exceptional speeds – with ultra-low latency - that never, ever slow down.
  • Choose the upload and download speeds that you need, all the way up to 10Gbps.
  • Send and receive massive files quickly and run bandwidth-hungry business applications like Azure and Office 365.



  • Choose BTnet Express for a fixed price and fast delivery, with speeds of up to 30Mbps.
  • Target service availability is 100%, backed by a 5 hour target fix time.


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Included as standard

Dedicated line

BTnet is your connection. It’s a leased line, which means it’s dedicated to you. You don’t share it with anyone else. And that means you get speed and bandwidth you can rely on, all the time. No busy periods, no variable line quality, just a totally reliable and predictable service.

Massive capacity

Loads of people online at the same time? Go for it. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing: running VoIP phone systems, video calls, sending hefty files, or using lots of cloud-based applications. However data-hungry your business, BTnet can satisfy it.

That’s because you get the same upload speed as you do for download, up to 10Gbps. And, because it’s truly unlimited, you can use it as much as you want.

High upload speeds

Unlike Broadband connections, BTnet has matching upload and download speeds. This is essential for uploading large files, use of cloud services, web hosting, video streaming, sharing large data files, internet VPN and if you’re using your connection for voice.

100% target availability SLA

We recognise the internet is critical to your business and so we offer a market-leading service availability. If we fail to meet our commitment to you, we provide money-back credits.

Download our Service Level Agreement (68KB) for full details.

Fast fix times 24/7/365

Expert UK-based support for your service and support needs. This includes billing, faults, technical and installation support.

Even with our 100% target availability, things can sometimes go wrong or you may need support. On the very rare occasion this happens, we aim to fix faults within five hours from whenever your report them (day, night, or weekend). 

*NEW* Wi-Fi, Guest Wi-Fi and simple LAN

BTnet is available with optional Cisco Meraki managed equipment to connect your systems to your leased line. Through just one neat piece of kit, which is unique to BT, you’ll get Wi-Fi for the office, advanced Guest Wi-Fi for your visitors and loads of LAN ports. After our engineer’s installed it for you, it’s a cinch to set up and use.

With the intuitive BTnet web portal, you can keep an eye on how you’re using the service. And because it’s online, you can do that from any device, anytime, anywhere you can get on the internet. Want to change something? Easy. Just tell us through the portal and our UK-based support team will sort it out for you. 

*These features are only available with our Cisco Meraki Managed equipment option. More information and specs available on request.

Change your speed

Many businesses have rushes and lulls throughout the year. With BTnet, it’s quick and easy to change your internet speed to keep it in sync with your business. When you hit a busy period, you can increase it. Then, when business calms down, you can save money by reducing the speed of your connection (we call this ‘flexing’).

Unlimited data

There are no limits, caps or fair usage policies; you can use as much data as you like.

Online usage reports

Allowing you to monitor your internet bandwidth utilisation. Available on request for services with our Cisco Managed equipment option.

If you select our Cisco Meraki managed equipment option you will get access to the new BTnet User Portal as standard, giving you monitoring of your service usage including bandwidth, applications and devices.

Installation work covered up to £2800

BTnet comes with free connection of the service as standard on three and five year contract terms. Sometimes, to deliver services like this there may be additional Excess Construction Charges (ECC) at your site to install the cabling and ducting. To help you, BT will fund up to £2800 of these charges, helping you avoid any nasty surprises for delivery. We can also give you an estimate of the ECC at the time of order so you know what to expect.

Fully managed service and equipment

BTnet comes with engineer installation and expert management of the service in-life. The equipment is managed and configured for you so you don’t need to worry about it at all. There is an option for a 'wires-only' service if you prefer to manage things yourself.

Ultra-low latency

Critical for applications such as financial trading, video and voice and cloud apps where every millisecond counts and lag can be a problem. Our Service Level Agreement includes guarantees around network latency so you can have faith in the service. This includes guarantees for UK network performance of <20ms (measured UK access node to access node). And because we publish our network performance, you can check on latency within the UK or even internationally.

Optional extras

*NEW* BTnet Security package

Face down cyber threats, help keep your business secure with integrated security. Our new Cisco Meraki equipment comes security-ready. With BTnet Security, there’s no upfront costs and no more equipment to find a home for, just a powerful security service for a fixed monthly charge. For that, you’ll get a firewall, content filtering, anti-malware protection, and intrusion detection and prevention. And because new cyber threats can appear any day, we keep you protected by continuously updating your service with regular security updates. 

And because we look after everything for you, you don’t need any specialist IT knowledge or IT resource. Because it uses the same support teams, contracts, and billing as BTnet, it’s remarkably easy to manage.

See the BTnet Security brochure for further information.

Quick Connect for shorter delivery lead times

BTnet Quick Connect means you don’t have to wait long to get your BTnet leased line.

We install a lower speed circuit in advance of setting up your main service, which you can use while we’re working on the main BTnet leased line. And then, once you’re up and running on the main circuit, BTnet Quick Connect takes over as a low-cost back-up service. If floods, fire, destructive roadworks, or other events disrupt your primary circuit, BTnet Quick Connect can help keep your business connected while we go all out to fix your primary circuit.

Ultimate resilience with a second circuit

We expect to keep you online, all the time. That’s why we give you a 100% target availability SLA. But sometimes things out of our control, like floods, fires, and destructive roadworks, can put a spanner in the works. Protect your connection with a second circuit and one of our resilience options: Failover, Backup, or Load balancing.

Two circuits with Failover resilience provides an active/passive service with full diverse routing at your site, and in our network (subject to survey). The secondary circuit remains inactive unless there is a failure on your primary circuit, in which case it provides the same circuit and speed for resilient service. We’ll set up and manage the failover for you as part of our managed service.

If you want a lower cost dual-circuit solution, we also have our Backup option. This is active/passive as well, but you can select a smaller, lower speed secondary circuit if you like. This includes some low cost delivery options. This means in the event of a failure on your primary circuit, you may have a more limited capacity on your backup circuit. This option also provides lower levels of site cabling/ducting diversity, but this might help you avoid some high Excess Construction Charges (ECC) in some cases.

Load balancing
For an active/active dual-circuit service with full site and network diversity we also have our Load balancing option. This provides two active circuits where you can balance the traffic across them. This involves a higher level of customer configuration.

Please see our BTnet Resilience Brochure for more information.

Make and take calls over your data network – and save money

BT’s business-grade voice services can help you save money by using your data network to handle all your calls as well. You no longer need separate phone lines. We offer quality of service that ensures calls are prioritised on your connection, so voice quality is not compromised.

You also get more flexibility than with traditional phone lines: you can market your business locally around the country, take your numbers with you if you move, and have your calls diverted to another site if there’s an emergency.

If you’re investing in a data network, SIP trunking voice services make that investment work harder for you.

More about BT Cloud Voice SIP

Why BT Business?

Ranked #1 in the UK by Netcraft
Symmetric upload/download speeds
1:1 fully uncontended service contention
100% target availability SLA


How do you work out my quote?

Your quote is based on the following main factors -

 1. The bandwidth that you need
 2. The maximum bandwidth that you'll ever need
 3. Your distance from the BTnet exchange
 4. The length of your contract

What makes BTnet better than broadband?

Lots of things – including an internet connection you don’t share with anyone else, giving you guaranteed speeds with no usage limits. You get matching upload and download speeds too.

BTnet is also a super-reliable connection, and if we don’t hit our 100% availability target SLA, we give you money-back credits.

Things you need to know

Legal stuff

Terms, conditions, and legal stuff for you to download.

* Free standard connection on BTnet is only available on a 3 or 5 year term contract, and is subject to survey.

BTnet Conditions and Service Schedule [PDF]


BTnet Bandwidth Boost Special Offer

Offer Period

1. The Offer will be available from 16th July 2018 at 09.00 to 4th January 2019 at 17.00 (“Offer Period”).

2. Except as expressly amended, the standard terms and conditions for BTnet at www.bt.com/terms will apply.

3. The following additional terms will apply to this Offer:


4. The Offer will be available to new Circuit connections during the Offer Period, from the Customers who sign up to the Contract for BTnet Service.

5. The Offer will be available on 1Gbps access Circuits (“Bearers”) only. Other access Circuit sizes will be excluded from the Offer.

6. The Offer will be available on three-year and five-year Contract terms only.

7. New Circuit connections and Bearer upgrade Orders only.

The Offer

8. BT will discount the standard Charges set out in the Order for the following speeds:

8.1. 300Mbps port speed will be the same price as 100Mbps for the Offer Period.

8.2. 1000Mbps port speed will be the same price as 500Mbps for the Offer Period.

9. BT will confirm the pricing on request. The pricing will depend on location and address of the Site.

10. The contracted rental will remain active throughout the duration of the Contract, unless BT actions an additional in-life change or modification which results in a change to the Service or rental. In this case pricing for the new Service and Contract will apply, and will be confirmed at the time of the Order.

11. At the end of the committed term, pricing will roll over at the same rental rate on a rolling one-month basis, until such a time as you modify or change the Service, or carry out a change which results in a new rental and term.

12. All Orders are subject to Site survey and acceptance criteria.

13. BT may withdraw the Offer at any time without notice.

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