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Business broadband and internet

Our most advanced range of business broadband connections for small and medium-sized enterprises. With download speeds up to 314Mbps,  Ultrafast fibre broadband gives you the extra oomph to succeed. And with Superfast fibre broadband at up to 76Mbps  and BTnet leased lines at up to 10Gbps, we’re helping Britain’s businesses work even faster, today and in future.

Broadband and phone line deals

Get the best package prices when you buy our best business broadband with a phone line.

And with our new Fixed Price Guarantee, your monthly price won’t go up for the entire length of your contract.

Fibre & Digital Phone Line – NEW

Our best broadband connection, our latest digital phone line – together in one bundle. Exclusively available from BT Business by phone or live chat.

Business broadband is faster with fibre…

Superfast gives you unlimited data at speeds up to 76Mbps. So you can achieve your business goals faster, and deliver a better customer experience.

…and even faster with Ultrafast fibre broadband

Are you ready to experience Ultrafast Enhanced fibre broadband? With download speeds up to 314Mbps, it’s business broadband with extra oomph

4G Assure – ISPA “Best Customer Solution 2019” award winner

You’ll always stay connected with 4G Assure. Included with Enhanced business broadband, it’s the UK’s first and only broadband that automatically switches to 4G to keep you online.

BT Business Smart Hub

Packed with clever features, our latest Smart Hub gives you our strongest ever wi-fi signal. So you can take your business further. Included with Essential and Enhanced business broadband.

Your customers love free wi-fi – so give it to them

Your BT Business Smart Hub comes with Guest Wi-Fi that won’t slow you down or risk your security. Just switch it on and your customers can connect for free.

BTnet – choose speeds up to 10Gbps on your own dedicated leased line

You’ll get fast, symmetric upload and download speeds, ultra-low latency and the option to grow your bandwidth with your business.

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ISPA Award

“Best Customer Solution 2019” is a trade mark of the Internet Services Providers’ Association, used under licence.