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The Future in 2021

The survey every business needs to read

The UK’s biggest report on tech in business is back. But will this year be drastically different to last? Take a look at our key findings for every type of business. What tech is on the up? And what’s being ignored? It’s all here for you to dive into.
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Uncover the untapped potential

As the dust settles, it’s time to look forward. Has the past year changed businesses attitudes towards digital transformation? And what other technology is providing opportunities that are being overlooked? Read The Future in 2021 report and discover the untapped potential that your business, no matter what size, could benefit from.

Understanding the technology

There are so many exciting technologies out there, all with their own benefits. But it can be hard to understand how they work, and to know what’s right for your business. Steph McGovern, award-winning journalist, sat down with three BT experts to get to grips with the tech trending in today’s business world: artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and cyber-security. 

The go-to document for your business

We got together with Cisco to pull together a handy document for any business that wants to embrace emerging technology and get over any barriers in the way. It’s packed full of info, insights, and practical exercises to help with building a business case for new tech, and how to prove to stakeholders that it’s worth the investment.

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