Ten myths about digital phone lines debunked

Ten myths about digital phone lines debunked

1. Calls over the internet aren’t as good as those made over a normal phone line

No. They’re better. So, in the early days of internet calls, this might have been true. But there have been huge improvements in network connectivity. It’s mature and sophisticated, delivering clear audio without dropouts, tinny voices, echoes, or delays.

So, the better the internet connection, the higher the call quality.

2. It’s not reliable. What happens if the cloud goes down?

Digital phone lines can be more resilient than PSTN (public switched telephone network) – the traditional landline network lines. For instance, our digital services run across multiple data centres. If one centre goes down, traffic switches seamlessly to another centre, so the service continues.

3. I won’t have enough bandwidth for calls and data

Calls don’t use much bandwidth, so most businesses don’t notice problems. When we supply a digital phone system, we work with you to understand how you plan to use it. That way we can make sure you have the right type of internet connection and plenty of bandwidth.

4. It all sounds very technical

Don’t worry. Like cars, you don’t need to understand what happens under the bonnet to be able to drive one. Digital phone systems are easier to manage than on-site systems. We will also help your employees get up to speed with the new systems.

Using a simple web admin interface, you can move, add, or change users with a click of a mouse. And, because it’s digital, all updates and maintenance are remote and timely so, there’s no waiting around for an engineer, or a physical upgrade. This means you will always have the latest features and updates.

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5. It’ll be a huge job moving from my old phone system

Actually, with the right planning, it can be very easy. If you’re running separate voice and data networks, they can be brought together. All you need is the right bandwidth in your network, and we can top that up if necessary. The entire phone system can be swapped at one time, or introduced using a phased approach. It’s even easier when you opt for our hosted service. That means we’ll take care of installation, set-up, and on-going management. Digital phone systems come with IP (internet protocol) phones, which are needed to make calls over the internet. So, you’ll need to replace your current handsets if they’re not compatible. All you have to do is plug an IP phone into the network, or download an app and use a headset, and you’re ready to make and receive calls.

6. I’ll need a new number, which means I’ll lose customers

On the contrary, you’ll be able to keep your current numbers. It’s an opportunity to review your numbers and think about whether you still need them all. One advantage of digital systems is that you can have the same number on multiple devices, wherever you are. So customers can call your office number and you can answer the call from any location where there’s an internet connection.

7. You can’t do as much with a digital phone system

We admit this one may have been true in the very early days of digital phone systems, but not anymore. The fact is cloud systems can do everything your on-site phone system can do, plus things like call forwarding, diversion, hunt groups and so on. You can integrate the phone system with your business applications to make a fast, fluid and effective customer service. Our mobile app means that your mobile and laptop can act as a desk phone extension, so your office travels with you. And, because your business number goes wherever you go, customers assume you’re in your office – which can be very useful for helping you build a local presence.

8. It runs over the internet so it’s not safe, right?

Wrong. It’s as safe as you want to make it. As long as the internal network is secure, the phone network will be too. Firewalls, encryption, authentication, employee training and so on ensure that your calls and data are protected maybe even better than PSTN.

9. It’s not for me. It’s only for big business

Again, not true. It works for everyone, from the sole trader to the big corporate.

The flexibility, agility, and scalability mean it’s easy to use. From a single digital line pitched at the micro-business to a full collaboration system for the business employing hundreds of people, there’s a digital phone system that’s perfect for every business, whatever your size. You can start as small as you want and expand in line with your business.

It’s a truly versatile solution, easy to set up, a cinch to use, and you can easily add more phones to it as your business expands. And the sophisticated features you’ll have at your disposal will give your customers a better, more professional experience.

10. Something this good must be expensive

Nope. Cost saving is one of the major reasons many businesses are already using a digital phone service. Because it’s easily scalable, you can grow or shrink the service, without the significant costs of PSTN.

It’s extremely cost-effective to run, too. You’re essentially paying for the service, rather than the installation, operation, and maintenance. There’s no site-based hardware to buy, or on-going maintenance costs. And with our systems, features can be allocated separately to employees, so you only pay for what you need.

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