Momentum towards climate action is at an all-time high - but collaboration and sharing of best practise will be central to achieving the UK's transition to Net Zero. In June 2020, we launched the Green Tech Innovation Platform. The aim? To uncover the latest technologies from UK-based tech scale-ups that will accelerate plans to decarbonise and support a greener future. 

In this live virtual event, we looked at the green recovery journey we’re all on together – and the pivotal role that innovative new technology partnerships are playing as we Build Back Better.

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Chapter 1: The importance of green recovery

Dean Terry, Md of Corporate & Public Sector at BT, brings to light why Green Recovery is important to BT. He addresses the challenges faced by local authorities and other public sector organisations and how in recent times they have had to do much more with less. Yet, technology provides a unique opportunity for them. 

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Chapter 2: The shift towards remote working, and how smart buildings, smart streets and remote diagnostics can help to build back better

Andy Wales, Director of Digital Impact & Sustainability at BT looks at how we achieved our carbon reduction target of 80% four years early in 2016, and our progress towards Net Zero by 2045. Andy also explores how the Green TIP provides the foundation to bring people and emerging technologies together in exciting new ways to Build Back Better. 

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Chapter 3: How can the UK best deliver a tech driven green recovery?

During this lively and thought-provoking session, we unpick some real-world issues around successful Green Recovery. Our expert panel made up of Emma Fryer (TechUK), Nick Chow (Plug and Play), Sophie Howe (Future Generations Commissioner) and Ben Kellard (CISL), address topics such as Green Recovery from COVID-19 and the role that tech plays, digital transformation, the circular economy, tech-start-ups, and Open Data and data-protection. The answers are here.

Accelerating sustainable local regeneration

Digital technology is an enabler and accelerator of a resilient, green recovery. But how can we help public sector organisations to achieve their green goals? Check out our paper from Dean Terry, MD Corporate & Public Sector here at BT. It lays out the building blocks to accelerate sustainable local regeneration and pulls key insights from the public sector space. Could your organisation benefit from making a change?

The Future in 2020

The Future in 2020

A clear digital transformation strategy can help build a cleaner, greener and fairer future. It can help lower emissions and improve performance and efficiencies. But in our recent report with YouGov, of 247 public sector organisations only 43% said digital transformation was already in their plans. We want that to be 100% - and help your organisation realise the potential new technology can bring. 

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