How to get a new business out, when everybody's told to stay in

Starting a new business isn’t a piece of cake. So getting one up and running in a week, during lockdown, is super impressive. That’s what Chloé did. She spotted a gap in the market, used her existing digital skills, developed some new ones, and partnered with a third-party to create Your Live Guide.

“When lockdown began, I noticed a massive increase in live-streamed events, also known as ‘lives’,” says Chloé. “I found I kept missing some really good ones from people that I don’t normally follow. I went online to search for some sort of guide, but there wasn’t one. So I decided to create my own.”

Your Live Guide accepts live broadcasts from all of the major social media streaming platforms. You simply search for lives by category, creator or platform, then add the ones you fancy watching to your calendar.

So if you need cheering up, type in comedy. Want to give your dancing shoes an airing, look for music. Or need to brush up on your bookkeeping, key in finance workshops. Whatever you feel like, business or pleasure, you can quickly find it on a single website.

Learning new skills to develop a new concept

Chloé has a digital background. She runs Chloé Digital, which provides tech support and strategic planning for influencers. Understandably, this was invaluable. But Chloé still had to up-skill in certain areas, like data science and data analytics. And appealing to a different audience brought new challenges too. 

“I would normally be building business-to-business for the influencers themselves,” says Chloé. “Now I have to take the needs of the end-user – the person using the guide and watching the lives – into account as well.”

Having the team and the tools to work quickly

Chloé used her in-house designers and developers to bring the platform to life. To further speed things up, they used a content management system familiar to them. And worked day and night. They also relied on strong network connectivity and collaboration tools. 

“My broadband connection means everything at the moment,” says Chloé. “I'm a tech girl, so without broadband, I'd go mad.” 

From creating the wireframes, to building an easy-to-navigate platform, Chloé and her team did a lot of the work themselves. 

A positive influence

Within one week, a raft of high-profile influencers had signed up. The likes of Whitney Port, Mercedes Benson and Courtney Kerr. As had big-name brands, including Bobbi Brown and Maybelline.

“We’re growing day by day and launching new features to the platform every week,” says Chloé. “We’re also planning on developing it into an app and exploring how to monetise it.” 

Chloé believes great content has never been so important. And it’s the best way to stay connected to your community and customers – and keep your business front of mind. But it’s not all about likes, shares and pound signs. 

Chloé concludes: “As we are a small team, I’m in the backend approving the live submissions. It's been really humbling to see the type of content creators are producing. There has been a real sense of duty to educate and inspire people through this time. Without technology, this wouldn’t have been possible – and that’s why I love it.”

Spotted a gap in the market too?

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