In this report, Omdia highlights BT’s work to raise cyber-security awareness, improve global threat intelligence and the launch of the Eagle-i.

BT protects governments, national critical infrastructure, large multinational corporations and companies of all sizes in the UK. We help them stay one step ahead of sophisticated cyber-attacks by securing their networks, providing advanced threat detection and response, and security advisory services.

After BT launched its cyber-security platform ‘Eagle-i’, Omdia produced this report consolidating the core points from the launch and BT’s ambition to become the “world’s most trusted connector of people, devices, and machines”. 

The report looks at:

  • Key trends in cyber-security.
  • How BT is building a perceptive cyber-security defence platform with Eagle-i.
  • How Eagle-i differs from other cyber-platforms.
  • The evolving role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).