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How Cloud Voice can help with remote working

Here are some ways you can use Cloud Voice to make and receive business calls outside of the office.

Bring your IP phone home with you

You’ll need to be able to plug your IP phone into the mains power and connect it to a broadband router with an Ethernet cable.

Things to consider:

  • Yealink devices do not work if Nest Smart Heating is live on your router
  • Use the correct power cables for your device – or it might crash
  • Make sure SIP ALG is switched off on your router (older routers may not allow it to be switched off)

If you need to call 999 we strongly recommend you use your mobile or home phone. If you do use your IP phone, please let the emergency operator know your current location.

Receive calls made to your Cloud Voice number on your mobile or home phone

The Simultaneous Ring feature lets you add additional devices in different locations to ring at the same time as your Cloud Voice number – like your mobile, for example. You can set this up on the BT Cloud Voice Portal under ‘Features’ or through the BT Cloud Voice Communicator app.

Call forwarding

You can set up call forwarding on your IP phone or you can use the Cloud Voice Business Portal. We’ve put together a short video showing you how.

Things to consider:

  • The cost for the forwarded part of the call will be charged at your normal call rate, as per your call plan
  • If part of a hunt group, a forwarded call to a mobile would count as answered if the mobiles voicemail was played to the caller

Part of Call Centre? You’ll be able to connect through your IP phone as well as through the BT Communicator app on your PC.

Please note – for the desktop app to work with Call Centre, ACD needs to be enabled against the desktop app. This can be done via the Cloud Voice portal on the Sites tab, by selecting Device Management.

You’ll find more information on the Cloud Voice Help and Support pages on

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