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Configure Call Director for Cloud Voice

Call Director lets you make and receive calls on your Cloud Voice number on any device (you might hear this called fixed-mobile convergence or FMC).

You can set up additional numbers (like your mobile number, for instance) that act as an extension to your Cloud Voice number and will ring alongside your Cloud Voice number when you get a call. We call these numbers ‘Call Director Locations’.

As an administrator you need to create and configure a Call Director Portal. You can set up one or more Call Director Portals in a site, each with their own characteristics.

How do I configure a Call Director Portal?

  1. Login to the BT Cloud Voice portal
  2. Select the ‘Sites’ menu
  3. Select your site
  4. Select ’Feature Settings
  5. Select ‘Call Director
  6. Click the ‘+Add’ button 
  7. Enter the details
  8. Select a ‘Directory Number’ to assign to the Call Director Portal

    This'll be the number that your people will dial to access the Call Director Portal so they can make calls or use ‘Call Move’ from their ‘Call Director Locations’.

  9. Select whether the portal will be available to everyone or just the site by selecting ‘Can Be Used By’ Enterprise or Group respectively
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