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Common troubleshooting questions about BT Cloud Voice

I can’t make or receive calls on my IP Phone handset

Check that your IP device display shows it has a network connection and is registered (a tick next to the handset icon).

icon on phone - handest with a green tick next to it 

If the display shows ‘Network Down’ then check your network connection to your Access point (network router and LAN). Make sure you have the network cable securely inserted into the correct port at the back of your IP Phone device (normally marked LAN or Internet).

I can make outgoing calls but can't receive any incoming calls

Check that you don't have any features activated such as 'Do Not Disturb' or 'Call Forwarding'. You can check Site and Employee settings using the BT Cloud Voice portal, or you can check some features on your IP device (refer to your IP device user guide).

I've activated Do Not Disturb from my Phone, why don't my calls go to Voicemail?

The majority of IP devices have a 'DND' key. This 'DND' key however this only affects the handset where the key is activated - you must activate the Do Not Disturb feature through the portal.

Why do I still receive calls when Do Not Disturb is activated?

If automatic call back is activated by a caller then that feature will override any 'Do Not Disturb' settings and the caller will not be diverted to voicemail.

Why do I have to use both first name and last name when programming some features?

You do have to fill out both First name and Last name fields however, you could use a full stop in the surname field if you only want one name to appear.

Does Cloud Voice support MP3 files for Music on Hold and announcements?

Sorry, at present only WAV files are supported.

What does "Failed to retrieve configuration Authentication needed" when I enter my password?

This means you have entered the wrong password. Please try again.

Why doesn't my Call Forwarding work?

Check that you haven't got Call Waiting activated as this will stop Call Forwarding from working.

What is CommPilot Express?

When you access the Voice Portal the BT Toolbar is referred to as 'CommPilot Express'.

What happens if I activate a CommPilot Express profile and don't use the BT Toolbar?

If this is the case, you might not be able to receive any incoming calls. If you have activated a CommPilot Express profile in error then simply access the Voice Select Option 2 – to access the toolbar profile and then Option 5 – this will remove the CommPilot Express profile.

How can I get my fax machine working?

You need to connect your fax machine to a Cisco SPA 112 adaptor. If you don't have one, please contact the helpdesk.

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