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Display one phone number for all Cloud Voice calls (Single Calling Line ID)

With the site level feature Group Calling Line ID, you can decide to display any number of phone numbers for any number of employees when they dial out.

Remember though - one employee can only have one phone number displayed at any one time. However you can pick and choose, mix and match these on the BT Cloud Voice Business Portal.

So for example, you may decide that when Andrew and Peter make outbound calls, you want to show your inbound ‘Sales’ number, rather than their own direct numbers. Why? Because this ensures that when they ring your customers, and your customers ring back, they don’t get Peter directly, but instead go into the queue of your ‘Sales’ calls.

How do I set it up?

  1. Login to the BT Cloud Voice Business Portal
  2. Select ‘Site Feature Settings’
  3. Select ‘Group Calling Line ID’
  4. You can tick 'Use Display Name as Outbound Caller ID Name for Employees' if you want to override your employees outbound display names
  5. You can input a 'Display Name' for your on-net phone calls
  6. You can configure a 'Site Display Number' which means all outbound calls made from employees within that site will display that number (a blanket rule across the site)
  7. You can then decide whether you want to use:
    a. Employee Phone Number - Employee phone number will be used as the Calling Line ID
    b. Site Display Number - The Site Display Number configured above will be used for all employees on this site
    c. Configurable Number - You can give a group of employees on the site a particular Site Display Number, and you can have multiple groups. You can also set one group to be the default group for any employees set-up in the future.
  8. Click 'Save'.
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