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BT Cargo Community Systems

The connection that keeps your business moving

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Keep your supply chain connected with a service that always delivers

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Supercharge your supply chain

Make sure your trade partners and the authorities get the information they need at speed with CCS-UK. We help you capture, use and re-use data, ensuring it’s securely shared with government and your supply chain partners. 

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Keep everyone in the loop

CCS-UK connects the cargo community. We streamline the import, export and safety & security processes so that your goods flow. We connect to HMRC’s CHIEF and CDS systems, GVMS, S&S GB, ICS NI and ICS systems across the EU, providing a Single Trade Window and Supply Chain visibility. 

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Cut red tape and journey times

Move freight away from the frontier and between hubs with CCS-UK so you can deconsolidate groupage cargo and declare/clear it at a location that suits your business and avoids delays. And use our AIS RoRo service to support frictionless movements to and from the EU. 

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A partner for the future

Our ambition is to be the world’s most trusted connector of people, devices, and machines. With our innovative technology and 30 years of logistics experience, we keep your deliveries on track and help transform how you trade.

The support you need

We keep your business moving. We’re CCS-UK, the UK’s trusted Community Systems Provider (CSP) and our robust services are designed to handle time critical shipments 24 hours of every day of the year.

Help to trade with trust

We’re BT, the UK’s largest infrastructure provider – we work with government, trade and trade associations around the globe to understand requirements and ensure that our products and services adapt to support the cargo communities we serve.