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How can I make a claim

It's easy to make a claim: just fill in the form below and we'll look into it for you.

But before you rush to the form, please take a look at these conditions -

  1. You can only make a claim for products listed in the product name dropdown list below.
  2. You must have reported the fault to us (and have been given a fault reference number).
  3. Wait for 24 hours after we've fixed the fault before you make your claim (that's so we can be sure that we have actually fixed the problem).
  4. Make sure you claim within 90 days of us fixing the fault (sorry, but we won't accept claims made after 90 days).
  5. If your fault reference number looks like this: '1-123456789', call us on 0800 800 154 (rather than filling in the form below).
  6. Check the full details of the scheme if you want to know more.
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When you make your claim, you'll need your:

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  • Account number - You'll find your account number on your bill. It'll be in the format: 2 letters followed by 8 numbers. For example: WM 12345678.
  • Fault reference - You'll get a fault reference number when you report your fault, either online or on the phone. If you haven't got a fault reference number, you need to contact us. If you have one it will look like one of these: VOL011-00123456789, NE7KCX43, 1-123456789 (if it looks like this, don't fill in the form: call us on 0800 800 154)

If you give us the wrong details, it'll take longer to deal with your claim because we'll have to email you for more information.

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