BT Business Broadband Voice (VoIP)

Business benefits of Business Broadband Voice (VoIP)

Business benefits

Eight good reasons why our business VoIP should suit any business looking to save time & money

Cost effective

Get one or two extra lines without the outlay or hassle of getting new physical lines.

Greater flexibility and mobility

Miss fewer calls with an extra "virtual" line with its own geographical number - you can even move your existing number on to the service.

Budget more effectively

Reduce uncertainty about your bills with our Broadband Voice Calling Package. £13.50 extra per month gives you a Call Package covering all your UK calls, fixed to mobile and International Direct Dialed (IDD) calls.

Increase company presence

Make your business look bigger with additional geographic numbers available at a small extra charge. Make your business look local in as many parts of the UK as you want.

Greater customer satisfaction

An extra phone line could make it easier for callers to reach you or get a faster response from your business.

Great value

500 inclusive UK minutes as standard with free calls to other BT Business Broadband Voice users PLUS the option to take up Broadband Voice Call Package.

Cheaper mobility

Free BT Office Communicator to use your Broadband Voice line to make and receive calls through your laptop when you're out and about.

Higher productivity

Inclusive range of calling features to help you manage your business more effectively, including Call Waiting, Caller Display. Includes web based management for greater control.

BT Business Broadband Voice: Things you need to know

~ includes 500 anytime UK minutes to 01, 02, 03, g21, 0845, 0870 destinations.

* includes calls to 01, 02, 03, g21, 0845, 0870, fm1 - fm13, includes all IDD destinations except exclusions outlined in PLE.

** Call Allowance - Customers are entitled to 5000 minutes in any combination of inland and IDD calls and 500 f2m minutes. If a customer breaches either of these rules (or both at the same time) they will be charged for additional calls at OP rates.

NB: If customer breaches 500 f2m but have only used 1000 inland and IDD minutes in total we would charge for the f2m but the inland/IDD would still come out of the Call Package until 5000 was reached. Likewise, if customer breaches 5000 inland and IDD minutes but have not yet reached 500 f2m we would charge for additional inland and IDD calls that month but the f2m would still come out of the bundle until 500 was reached.

Any additional call Charges are as per your BT One Plan so you are assured of always getting great rates.

1. A set up fee of 3p or 9p applies to international calls, plus pence per minute charging until cap is reached on calls of up to an hour. See 'pricing' page for full rates.

2. Applies to calls to number ranges owned by the four main operators only. Certain mobile numbers (e.g. original 3G number) excluded. Pence per minute rates apply once the total number of capped calls from any one line to a single number exceeds an average of 4 hours per day in any calendar month. You will not be able to call non-BT Directory enquiries, Operator calls. Pence per minute rates apply after 60 minutes.

3. Applies to calls over the internet of up to an hour to numbers beginning 01 and 02, excluding the Channel Islands and dial-up internet services. After one hour, calls will be charged at 2.6p per minute (ex VAT).

Inclusive Mins and Call Charging Policy

BBV with UK calls: No 60 min rule exists, therefore if a customer makes a single call lasting 478 minutes it would be free of charge, and the customer would be left with a balance of 22 free minutes for the rest of the month.

BBV Call Package & Hosted VoIP Plus: 60 min rule applies, therefore if a customer makes a call for 90 mins the first 60 minutes of the call would be free of charge with the remaining 30 mins charged as per the appropriate. overage policy

Call Duration Rounding is 60 seconds as per BTB One Plan.

Call Charge Rounding will round up to next 1/2p with total bill rounding up to next whole penny.

See full Business Broadband Voice terms & conditions

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