Numbers for Charities

Reduced rates on our 08xx & 03xx numbers

BT's Charity Club Contract

Gives registered charities reduced call rates for our 08xx and 03xx numbers

If you're a registered charity you can benefit from reduced call rates on our 08xx and 03xx. The Charities Club contract has been specially put together so that we can offer you reduced call rates regardless of your call volumes.

There are also many other benefits which may not be available to you if you choose to buy from BT outside of the Charities Club contract which you can read about in the business benefits section.

The following numbers are available on the Charities Club Contract:

  • 030x / 033x
  • 0800/0808
  • 0870
  • 0845
  • 0844
  • 0871

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Business benefits

Service Management

Dedicated BT Service Managers who will specifically take ownership of your requirements. They're experts within the field.

Account Management

You get a dedicated account team and an Inbound Specialist Team. Regular reviews are conducted to ensure that BT continues to meet your requirements.

Out of hours assistance

A dedicated out of hours support team that provides 24/7 support for inbound services, 365 days of the year.

Reduced advanced feature costs

The Charities Club contract offers lower than standard costs for most advanced routing features if these are required for your services.

Changes to your service

There are major regulatory changes in the UK affecting numbers starting 080, 084 and 087 (and 09x and 118 numbers) which take effect on 1st July 2015. We have produced this guide which we will keep updated as more details emerge.

Regulatory changes to your service


As part of the Charities Club contract you get reduced rates for your cost of covering the call.

For example the cost of a call to you with a 0800/0808 number is normally 4.98p per minute, but registered charities can benefit from the reduced rate of 2p per minute.

See the table on the right for other reduced charges. All call rates exclude VAT.

Number type Cost to you Cost to your caller
03 1.5p / minute Same price as cost of call to 01/02 numbers
0800/0808 2p / minute Free
0845 0.3p / minute paid to you 5p / minute
0870 1.5p / minute 1p / minute
0844 2p / minute 1.1p / minute
0.7p / minute 3p / minute
No charge 4p / minute
0.7p / minute paid to you 6p / minute
1.5p / minute paid to you 7p / minute
0871 2.2p / minute 8p / minute
3.1p / minute 9p / minute
3.9p / minute 10p / minute
4.8p / minute 11p / minute
5.9p / minute 12p / minute
Payphone access charge A Mobile access Charge of 79p per minute is usually charged to you for all calls to 0800/0808 from Payphones. This will not be charged by BT for Charities Club members.
Mobile access charge A Mobile access Charge of 2p per minute is usually charged to you for all calls to 0800/0808 from Mobiles. This will not be charged by BT for Charities Club members.

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