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From phone lines to broadband packages, calling plans to fully-managed
office phone systems, and conferencing services to 08 & 09 numbers,
we've got everything you'll need to keep on talking.

Phone lines & services

BT phone line & Featureline

Every phone line comes with a choice of Calling Plan, all with:
  • Choice of lines
  • 500 inclusive UK landline minutes on selected lines
  • Option to extend to 5000 UK landline minutes and 500 mobile minutes
  • + 24/7 technical support
  • In-built features with Featureline
Phone line & Featureline

BT phone line & broadband

Buy standard broadband at the same time as your phone line for:
  • Unlimited wi-fi
  • 500 inclusive UK landline minutes
  • Option to extend to 5000 UK & international landline minutes and 500 UK mobile minutes
  • + 24/7 technical support
Phone line & broadband

BT phone line & superfast broadband

Buy fibre broadband at the same time as your phone line for:
  • Unlimited wi-fi
  • Download speeds up to 76Mbps
  • 500 inclusive UK landline minutes
  • + 24/7 technical support
Phone line & superfast broadband

BT ISDN lines

For when you need top quality voice and data performance.

BT ISDN lines

Premium Calling Features

Clever. Smart. Essential. Up your game, now...

Premium Calling Features


Audio. Web. Video. Staying put is the smart way to travel.


BT TotalCare &

24. 7. Cover. Choose the best option for your business.

BT TotalCare & CriticalCare

BT Business Mobile

Choice of great packages and handsets with inclusive minutes, text, and data.

BT Business Mobile

BT Payphones &
calling cards

Rent a payphone, get a BT Chargecard, or buy an old phone box.

BT Payphones & calling cards

Phone systems

BT Quantum phone system

BT Quantum phone system

The phone system for between 2 and 48 employees.

  • Route calls directly to the right person
  • Twin mobiles with office number
  • Convert messages into email
BT Quantum
New Red phone box

BT One Phone

Desk, mobile phone, and phone system in one device.

  • Never miss a call
  • Combine office system and mobile
  • A single service hosted in the Cloud
BT One Phone

Business VoIP services: calls over the internet

BT Business Broadband Voice (VoIP)

Save money on call charges with the cost-effective alternative to 'normal' phone calls.

from £ 5. 00 / line a month (ex VAT)

  • Business Calling Features included
  • Free calls to other users of our Business VoIP service
BT Business Broadband Voice (VoIP)

Hosted VoIP (Enhanced)

For when you want the features of a phone system without the cost.

from £ 6. 50 / line a month (ex VAT)

  • Get up to 100 VoIP 'lines'
  • Low set-up costs
  • Capped call rates
Hosted VoIP (Enhanced)

08 & 09 Numbers

Make it easy for your customers to call you

  • Customers are more likely to pick up the phone with a free (0800) or low price (0845) number
  • Develop customer loyalty
  • No need to change your underlying landline number

Low cost numbers for your customers

Cost-effective customer calls

  • 0844 - your customer pays for the call
  • 0845 - you share the cost with your customer
  • 0871 - you make money when your customer calls

Low cost numbers for your business

Make money with premium rate (09) calls

  • Customers pay maximum of £1.50/minute
  • You earn up to £1.00/minute
  • Commonly used for competition lines, technical support lines, TV voting lines, and so on

Premium rate 09 numbers

Special prices for charities

  • Reduced call rates, regardless of call volumes
  • Charities Club contract offers lower costs for most advanced routing features, if you need them

Numbers for Charities

Business insight

Video: Broadband for Business whiteboard

Video: 'Broadband for Business' whiteboard

See the difference business-grade broadband can make to your business.

When a home phone won't do

When a home phone won't do

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