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BT Cloud Voice is a virtual phone system hosted in the cloud, so no more hardware or maintenance (we do that for you). The clever bit is that all your calls are made over the internet. You just need a BT Business internet connection.
It's got all the features of a traditional phone system but it also lets you work from whatever device you choose. And that's from any location, in or out of the office, as long as you're online. Calls are crystal clear, it's more flexible and it's more cost efficient. In business terms, it's a win-win.

Great reasons to choose BT Cloud Voice

BT Cloud Voice is super-useful across a range of tasks. You can talk to colleagues for free wherever they are using the cloud, redirect your calls when you're out of the office and manage your calling features from any device, anywhere, using the online portal. It has more sophisticated call features like call recording, call centre, and audio and web conferencing that you can add for anybody who needs them.

Here's a rundown of the top reasons we think it's so nifty:

  • Manage calls more effectively
  • Be more productive; your people can receive and make calls when out of the office more easily
  • Control your costs by creating a bespoke package for each user
  • Get market-leading products you can trust with BT Business
  • Future-proof your business, scale up as you need to
  • Get peace of mind with our UK-based, dedicated BT Cloud Voice expert team
  • Manage your entire voice estate in a single solution

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See how BT Cloud Voice can help your business

Customisable features for each user with BT Cloud Voice

With BT Cloud Voice each person can have their own set of features, so you only pay for the ones you need. And adding and changing users and features is easily done through the online portal.

  • Customisable features for each user with BT Cloud Voice

    With BT Cloud Voice each person can have their own set of features, so you only pay for the ones you need. And adding and changing users and features is easily done through the online portal.

  • Use BT Cloud Voice to keep costs down without compromising on service

    Being a cloud-based phone system, BT Cloud Voice doesn’t need any clunky equipment, which reduces installation and maintenance costs. The mobile app also means users can talk to each other, from wherever they are, for no extra cost when connected to Wi-fi. Helping to keep costs down.

  • Work anywhere and maintain a professional and local image using BT Cloud Voice

    With people travelling around a lot, it can be difficult to give a professional and local impression. But with features like geo-numbers and conferencing you can work together from wherever you are, and still appear local to your.

There are 3 User Feature Packs to choose from:

BT Cloud Voice Basic

The Basic Pack features are functional, rather than personal, which is really useful if you need a phone for a reception area, behind a bar, or in a garage. And because your phones aren’t linked to one person, you’ve got more flexibility when it comes to setting up hot desks: just grab a phone, find a desk, go to work.

BT Cloud Voice Connect

Ideal for office-based users, with all the features you'd get with an intelligent phone system. Plus the flexibility to manage these online and add optional features to only those who need them, like our UC Business feature which allows you to take and manage calls from your computer and your mobile.

BT Cloud Voice Collaborate

Ideal for people who need lots of features and flexibility. It's designed with the more agile user in mind who works on multiple devices and does lots of collaborative working. Features include conferencing, desktop sharing and instant messaging.

Need help choosing the right solution?

No problem, compare the core features here:

Download our handy guide to which features come as standard with our three User Feature Packs; Basic, Connect and Collaborate.

Download the guide here
Basic Connect Collaborate Further information
Online Portal
Self-service online tool where Administrators can set up User profiles, and individual Users can control their own call management features.
Automatic Call Routing
Automatically redirect incoming calls to another phone.
Call Forward
Set up rules that forward incoming calls to another phone: all calls, calls when your line is busy, or unanswered calls.
Call Transfer
Transfer calls to any other number.
3-Way Calling
Set up a three-way conference call (including bringing someone in to an ongoing call).
Hunt Group
Multiple phones ring on the same number so anyone in the group can answer it (and, with BT Cloud Voice, the group members don’t even need to be on the same site). You can set it up to ring the phones in the group in sequence or all at once.
Call Director
Set up one or more fixed or mobile phone numbers to use as virtual extensions to your Cloud Voice profile, which you can then use to dial in to your Cloud Voice service when you’re not on your regular phone. When you make a call with this, through the Call Director portal, your call carries its BT Cloud Voice Calling Line Identity (CLI) rather than the number of the phone you’re actually dialling from.
Voicemail to Email
Using the BT Cloud Voice portal, email voicemail messages to your Outlook (as WAV files).
UC Business Optional
UC Business is a bundle of functionality including the UC Communicator application for desktops (Windows and Mac) and Smartphones (iPhone and Android). Set your availability or ‘presence’ status and see the status of your contacts. Get in touch with your contacts using instant message, phone (using ‘click-to-call’ from your desk phone), or video calling. Contact lists are easy to create and manage.
UC Team
Same as UC Business but with audio and web conferencing for up to eight people, which uses the ‘My Room’ feature to easily manage team or group meetings (including a simple ‘click to join’ conference bridge, group chat window, and desktop sharing).
Hot Desking Optional Optional
When you associate your BT Cloud Voice account with a ‘host’ device for a certain time, the device will use your phone number, features, and settings. So when you’re at a hot desk, all your incoming calls will route to the phone at that desk, and your outgoing calls will carry your number as their Calling Line Identity (CLI).
CRM Connect Optional Optional
CRM Connect integrates your Cloud Voice phone system with your CRM software. It means the customer’s information is automatically displayed on your computer screen at the same time that the call comes through. You can see their call history and other details on a screen pop then use click-to-dial to transfer the call or start a three-way call (if required).
Receptionist Console Optional Optional
Reception Console helps you manage incoming calls professionally. Use directory look-up and line monitoring to quickly find someone to handle the call. Call management features, including ‘mouse drag & drop’ call transfers, help increase the productivity of your receptionist, who can be located at a different site to where they’re transferring to.
Toolbar Optional Optional
Integrate the BT Cloud Voice Toolbar into Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Firefox so it’s even easier to make, answer, and control calls, click-to-dial, and change settings.
Busy Lamp Field Optional Optional
Use the Busy Lamp Field keys on your IP phone to see when colleagues’ phones are idle, ringing, or busy. You can also use it to pick up ringing calls and to auto-dial your colleague when you want to speak to them or transfer a call to them.
Call Recording Optional Optional
Record and store calls for up to 180 days (including encryption and start-stop recording when receiving credit card details).
Fax Messaging Optional Optional
Receive a fax and email it, along with your other messages, to your message store.
Call Centre ACD Optional Optional Optional
Distribute incoming calls to multiple agents from a single central phone number. It sounds a bit like hunt groups but there are a few differences: 1) Calls are queued and it is possible to give intermittent ‘comfort’ greetings. 2) As agents log in and out of the queues, when an agent isn’t available the call will not ring at their phone. 3) Agents don’t have to be co-located on a single site, which is a unique feature of BT Cloud Voice.

BT Cloud Voice offers you more support as standard

  • Update your call management features on our user-friendly online BT Cloud Voice portal
  • Benefit from our dedicated BT Cloud Voice expert team, who’ll manage your order and provide ongoing support
  • Receive a welcome call to help get you up and running
  • Get a comprehensive user guide to help you maximise all that BT Cloud Voice has to offer
  • We’ll carry out a thorough site survey to make sure you get the right solution for your business

Benefits of BT Cloud Voice

Your people have the freedom to stay connected while being away from their desk phone

  • Add users and additional functionality at any time.
  • Set up multiple sites on your virtual system and connect them up with just a click. All you need is a BT Business internet connection. And don't worry, we'll be there to help every step of the way.
  • Stay connected on the move. Integrate mobile and office phones on one telephone number.
  • Access the features and functionality of BT’s Cloud Voice wherever you are.
  • Review and manage communication requirements online, through the BT Cloud Voice portal.

We’ll provide expert help and ongoing support

  • Get assistance from BT Cloud Voice experts through our dedicated BT team.
  • Benefit from a market-leading configuration, delivered through an intuitive web experience.

No upfront costs and a fixed monthly fee

  • No need to buy, install, maintain or upgrade new telephone systems, hardware or software.
  • Transfer your office calls to your mobile phone so you can take your calls with you, or transfer them to any device and use the BT Cloud Voice softphone.
  • Save on mobile charges. Use the mobile app to make calls to colleagues over the internet instead of on your phone.
  • Save on purchasing mobile phones for remote workers. They can download the mobile app and make business calls from their own devices.

Our BT Cloud Voice service is always available

  • Users can work from anywhere as long as they have a BT Business internet connection or wi-fi on their mobile, tablet or computer.
  • If you move locations, the cloud moves with you, so no waiting for new hardware to be installed. And you can keep your existing number as well, even if you move to a new area.
  • There's no downtime for your customers if you and your people can't get to the office. Calls can be directed to mobiles or your BT Cloud Voice softphone to keep you working.
  • We'll make sure you get the internet bandwidth and quality you need to support cloud working. For example our market-leading BTnet leased line is ideal for voice because it's consistently fast.

What you need to get started with BT Cloud Voice

BT internet access

You'll need bandwidth that's up to the job. That's where we can help: we've got a range of products to make sure you're ready, including business broadband, fibre, and our market-leading BTnet Leased Line service.

BT Cloud Voice User Feature Packs

Choose the User Feature Pack you want (Basic, Connect or Collaborate). Then choose how many users you’ve got and the features they need – you can mix ‘n’ match to get the perfect fit for your business

BT Business IP phone

Choose handsets to meet your specific business needs. We offer IP, DECT and conference phones from a range of market-leading manufacturers including Polycom, Yealink and Cisco.

BT Call Plan

Choose your call package. It can be shared across all users and you can choose the total minutes to suit you.


  • Is this right for my business?
    BT Cloud Voice offers more functionality and flexibility than a traditional phone system: it’s simply the next level of communication systems.

    It’s suitable for any business, but particularly so if you’re:
    • A single-site business with multiple lines that you want to move onto VoIP, or add extra capacity using VoIP
    • A business with home or mobile workers who need lines and want to make free intra-company calls over the internet
    • Based on a single site and are considering replacing or buying PBX functionality, but don’t need hardware and want to make the most of your IP network
    • Spread over many sites, and would like standard service across all of them and for your home workers
    • Using the cloud for data backup and storage (taking your calls to the cloud is an easy next step)
    • Wanting to reduce your CAPEX.
    Am I going to compromise on call quality?
    Absolutely not.

    We prioritise voice on BT Broadband and BT Infinity to ensure you have crystal clear calls and a rich HD voice experience. We recommend BTnet for customers who have a high internet usage, and where the phone is at the heart of their business. BTnet Leased Line provides fast internet access that doesn't slow down during busy periods. You don't have to share bandwidth with anyone else, so you get the same download and upload speeds all of the time, making it ideal for voice and data.
  • Do I need to be in a fibre-enabled area?
    Not necessarily. With our BTnet solution you can have a leased line instead.
    Could I just use the new BT One Phone service and get the same features?
    The BT One Phone system combines your fixed lines, mobile phones and phone system into a single hosted solution. Calls are carried over the BT Mobile network, and the dedicated mobile network installed in your premises.

    It suits businesses with a high number of mobile workers, as it routes calls to mobile and landline numbers to a single mobile phone.

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