Cyber security – it’s vitally important for every SME

Three ways to protect your business and keep customer data safe

In 2017, cyber crime against businesses increased by a massive 63%. So, even if you don’t have the budget for an IT department, you still need the right defences in place to make sure your business, people and customers aren’t at risk.

Preparing for the worst might feel like an odd thing to do. Especially when 51% of businesses think it’s unlikely or very unlikely they’d be a target for an attack. But the more aware you are about data security risks, the less likely you’ll be to encounter one.

Understanding those security risks is only half the battle. Protecting your business against them is where we come in. Let us be a part of your team and we’ll pick up the slack. We’ve got the knowledge – and the products – to keep your sensitive data secure and protected. To get started, we’ve put together a guide to the security services your business needs.

1. Prevent cyber attacks from happening

Make a firewall your first line of defence

Whether you’re a sole trader or a growing business, a secure firewall is an essential network security tool. It detects and blocks unauthorised access to your business network, while letting the data you want through.

How to get a firewall

There are two ways we can help. When you buy one of our business fibre and broadband packages, you get a Smart Hub  with a firewall built in. Or, if you need the outstanding reliability that comes with BTnet and BTnet Express leased lines – our ultimate internet connections - you can add BTnet Security. It comes with a firewall built in too.

Stop intruders, viruses and malware in their tracks

Staying safe doesn’t mean you can’t give your customers and visitors wi-fi access. Guest Wi-Fi builds a virtual wall around your private business data to keep your business devices and sensitive information protected. And it blocks searches for anything illegal, so you won’t end up in hot water.

How to get Guest Wi-Fi

We’ve embedded Guest Wi-Fi  into our Smart Hub with our business fibre and broadband packages. And if you choose our dedicated internet leased line options – BTnet or BTnet Express – it’s built in to the piece of kit you get with them too.

Securely connect to your company network from anywhere

If you’re travelling or working from home and still need to securely access your company’s network, a static IP will help you do this. It allows you to access your files safely, from anywhere using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

How to get a static IP

Some of our business broadband and fibre options include one static IP. And you can add up to five more if you need to.

2. Protect your devices

Keep your PCs, Macs and mobile devices healthy

Business-grade anti-virus and anti-malware software protects your PCs, Macs and mobile devices from cyber attacks. It updates automatically so you stay on top of new threats, whenever they emerge.

How to protect your devices

Make sure you’ve got BT Device Protection by Symantec on them. It’s included in a range of our broadband and fibre options, or you can buy as many licences as you need separately. One licence covers up to three devices. And it’s backed by the world’s largest threat intelligence network, so you can trust it to keep your business and customer data safe.

Keep all your mobile devices secure with one package

It’s easier than you’d think to keep mobile and tablet devices secure. If your business has lots of devices, you can make sure each one has password security. And if one falls into the wrong hands, you can lock and wipe it remotely.

How to get mobile protection for lots of devices

Our BT Mobile Sharer plan includes MobileIron Cloud, which offers a mobile device security service for all your company’s iOS, Android and Windows devices. You can also choose to add it to our other business mobile and BT One Phone plans.

3. Recover from attacks, fast

We can help you get rid of viruses

It’s always good to talk to someone when you have a problem. That’s why having a UK-based support team on the end of the phone 24/7 is so helpful. It means if a virus does slip through, they can help you clear your PC. So you can get back to business. Fast.

How to get IT support

You can add our Enhanced IT Support service to any of our business broadband and fibre options. Each licence covers up to five devices – PCs, laptops, Macs and mobiles.

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