With Ericsson, Hyperbat and The Manufacturing Technology Centre
With Ericsson, Hyperbat and The Manufacturing Technology Centre

Explore what's possible with hybrid working

In this episode, we’re focusing on the hybrid world of work. Is remote working the future? Or is it better to divide your time between the office and home? We’ve got experts from not only BT, but Ericsson too, to chat through the tech that’s making hybrid-heaven a reality. Are you ready to explore the possibilities hybrid working brings?

With John Vickery, Principal Technology Partner here at BT

Transforming workplace learning in a hybrid world

Does immersive learning really work? Can it be an ‘expert in the room’ that allows your employees to train remotely and efficiently? And how’s it all possible? John Vickery takes us through it all. Plus, he shows us how enhanced connectivity, paired with technology from our partner Microsoft, is helping to increase learning capabilities with a new ‘smart glasses’ system. 

Putting tech to the test

We’ve seen that immersive tech is set to enhance learning. So why not put it to the test? Watch what happens when we pitted Microsoft Hololens against traditional learning methods – and see how the power of 5G is making such technology a reality.

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5 things to consider for hybrid working

Hybrid working is more than just splitting your time between a fixed location and home. It’s a fluid blend of the two. Being able to work wherever is best for your business and for your employees. We’ve pulled together some handy tips to help you achieve hybrid heaven.

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Ericsson and BT talk enhanced collaboration

We sat down with Phil Bonner from Ericsson and Jeremy Spencer from BT to chat through how 5G and emerging technology are enhancing collaboration. They discuss real-life examples of how employees can work on one project, from two different locations. Seamlessly.

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What steps can you take?

Dr Nicola Millard walks us through the steps to take to make hybrid working a reality for your business. From rethinking the office space, to the skills needed for hybrid workers. And so much more. There’s a lot to think about in the hybrid universe, so why not use Dr Millard’s whitepaper as a checklist?

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