Self-service with 'My account'

Businesses today need instant information online. Self-service using ‘My account’ saves you time. Looking to see how well an order’s progressing? Get a detailed breakdown of your bill? Even fix a fault? We have hassle-free ways to do lots of things without picking up the phone. Helping you help yourself.

‘My account’ makes self-service simple – register today

‘My account’ is your own secure area of our site. As soon as you’ve joined BT, you can register for ‘My account’. It only takes a minute or two. And you’ll get access to loads of benefits, absolutely free. Start getting the most from ‘My account’ – sign up today.

Keep bills safe in one place

‘My account’ keeps your bills safe – and saves you space. Think of ‘My account’ as your virtual filing cabinet. You can keep bills securely online for up to 15 months. Take away worries about data protection or losing paperwork today. Everything’s ready for you to view and print online.

Track your order online

See how well your order’s progressing in seconds. Order tracker has all the answers. You can find out when a phone’s due to be delivered, or when your new service is starting. And if an appointment’s not convenient, simply arrange a time that suits you. It’s so easy online.

Go paper-free and save money today

Take the hard work out of paperwork. If you don’t need your bill printed and posted to you, switch to online billing in ‘My account’ today. Going paper-free is the easy way to avoid charges for printed bills. So you can save money.

VAT invoices when you need them

Need a VAT invoice for HMRC? Go paper-free with BT and you won’t need a printed bill. You can get end-of year financial information from ‘My account’ instead. Just view any bill online, then select ‘VAT summary’. You can email it to the taxman, or print it and post it if you prefer.

Report and track faults online

When something’s gone wrong, nobody likes waiting for repairs. Go to ‘My account’ to report a fault online. You’ll use the same diagnostics tool as our agents. You may even be able to fix the fault yourself. So reporting a fault online is the fastest way to put things right. 

Take charge of your bills

Want a free way to manage your bills better? Bill Analytics in ‘My account’ puts you in control. Use it to identify trends and manage usage, and it can even help you save money. You’ll never know how much until you give Bill Analytics a try. Sign in to ‘My account’ to start using Bill Analytics today.

Save valuable time with Direct Debit

Life’s too important to spend on bills. Set up a Direct Debit payment in ‘My account’ today. It can help you save valuable time – and avoid late payment charges. Simply sign in and follow the simple onscreen guides. And you can take the hassle out of bills today.

Download the BT Business app

Have ‘My account’ at your fingertips with the BT Business app. There’s so much you can do. Instantly access orders and bills. See service status. Check broadband speed. Just download the BT Business app today. It’s the smartest way to stay in touch.  

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