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Add your employees' devices to your network

A revolution is happening in the workplace. Employees are bringing in their own devices and expecting full access to both business and personal applications at all times.

But how do you get your employees’ devices on your network? And how do you make sure that your business is safe?

Our service helps you manage your employees’ personal devices - mobiles, tablets, and laptops - over a secure and reliable network.

This means your employees can use their own devices both securely and compliantly, with no risk to your business.

Included as standard

Consultancy services

We'll help you understand what you need and the decisions you need to make.

Access to corporate applications

Use your own device to access business-critical applications quickly and securely.

Network & connectivity

Employees and visitors receive the same quality and uninterrupted network access.

This could be on a wired, wireless, VPN or WAN connection.

We can also help you set policies to manage who, what, when, where and how a user can access your company network and manage this from a single web interface.

Mobile Device Management

Help to create, manage, update and develop your mobile devices - making sure your company policies and security requirements are met and monitored. 


Protection from cyber attack, data loss, and theft. We’ll also advise on compliance with regulation and retention policies. 


Smartphones and tablets, as well as configuration services and airtime contracts.


We provide ITIL certified support, deployment, maintenance, and repair services.

Why BT Business?

End-to-end service

Consultancy, technology, security and more – we’ve got you covered

World-class partners

We work with Apple, Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Symantec, Cisco, HP and Juniper

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