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Move your calling to the cloud with this flexible system

Cloud Voice is a feature-rich, cloud-based phone system with the flexibility to meet the demands of the modern, agile business.

Being cloud-based, it lets your people use all the features of your office system, whether they’re in the office or not. All they need is access to the internet. Maintenance and upgrades are automatic, without the need for any costly and disruptive on-site visits.

For the company looking for all the features of a full blown on-premises system, but without the costs, maintenance, and location headaches of hosting it yourself, BT Cloud Voice could be just the ticket.

From £6.40 / mo (ex VAT) ­­+ connection charge

Video transcript

BT Cloud Voice

Having a phone system makes good business sense.

It means you can make the most of every opportunity by getting the right people talking.

But wouldn’t it be great…

…if your phone system was so flexible, it made managing your communications a whole lot easier.

Introducing BT Cloud Voice.

It’s a phone system.

That’s hosted in the Cloud.

And connects to your phones wherever you are, whenever you want.

Cloud Voice makes managing your calls easier.

It does everything you’d expect from a phone system and more – thanks to the cloud.

So, you can get your customers through to the right person…

 …or forward calls when you know you won’t be available.

If you’re dashing in and out of the office you can set your desk phone and mobile to ring at the same time, so you only have to give out one number.

You can carry on using your existing business numbers, or even add numbers with different UK dialling codes to give yourself a local identity wherever you are.

You can also use our app to turn your smartphone or laptop into an extension of your desk phone.

And use them to make calls over the internet, using your office number.

We’ll give you your own web portal so it’s easier to stay in control wherever you are, making Cloud Voice work how you want it to.

It’s easier to manage your costs too. For a start, you can say goodbye to some of that hardware in your office.

Which means your upfront costs will be lower.

And you don’t need to worry about maintenance or upgrade charges.

Because you can give exactly the right number of users the features they need.

You’ll only ever pay for what you use. A predictable amount each month.

Even if something unexpected happens and people can’t get into the office.

It’s easier to carry on as usual because the system is in the cloud.

So you can re-direct your calls..

…and stay focused on the jobs at hand wherever you are.

In fact, Cloud Voice finds adapting to change as easy as pie.

So whether your business grows and you open a new office.

Or you need to employ more staff.

Cloud Voice will change with you.

Multiple sites are no problem, either.

So, if you’ve got a site down South.

Another office up North.

And a couple of colleagues at home,

Everyone can get on the phone and use Cloud Voice.

It’s only available from BT and we don’t share our platform with anyone else, so you can relax knowing that we’ve got everything covered.

From making sure you have...

 ...the right internet connection.

To delivering great clear calls, no matter how many people are online.

To our dedicated Service Hub team, on hand to support you. It’s easier to keep your business talking whenever you need them.

In fact, with so much to benefit from..

…It’s no surprise that thousands of businesses just like yours…

…are taking advantage of everything Cloud Voice has to offer.

Find out how easy it is to keep your business talking with BT Cloud Voice.

BT Cloud Voice case study – British Bespoke Auctions

BT Cloud Voice helped transform this local auctioneer, giving it the power to connect with millions of potential customers worldwide.

The advantages of this flexible technology have been huge. More reliability. Less stress. And greater opportunity to make money.

Watch now to see the difference BT Cloud Voice made to British Bespoke Auctions. And discover how much your business could benefit from BT Cloud Voice too.

What can Cloud Voice do for your business?

Customised features

Get customised features for each user, and only pay for the ones you need. See how new users can get up and running quickly through the online management portal.

Keep costs down

BT Cloud Voice gives you free intra-business calls over the internet. And as it’s in the cloud, there’s no equipment to maintain - apart from your phones, of course.

Work anywhere, look local

Always on the move but want to create a local impression whenever anyone calls? With Cloud Voice, customers can dial a local number and get through to you wherever you are, on whatever device you’re using.

BT Cloud Voice feature packs

Choose different packs for each user, depending on which call features they need

Online portal
Self-service online tool, granting different permissions to administrators and users
Automatic call routing
Set up a redirect so that incoming calls are automatically routed to another phone
Call forward
Set rules to forward incoming calls to another phone
Call transfer
Transfer calls to any number, internal or external (including mobiles)
3-way calling
Set up a 3-way conference call instantly, including bringing a third person into an ongoing call
Hunt group
In a hunt group, unanswered incoming calls are distributed around the group members in a pre-defined sequence
Call Director
Set up one or more alternative fixed line or mobile numbers that act as a user’s virtual extensions
Voicemail to email
Set up voicemail so that messages are sent to your email inbox as an MP3 file
UC Business
A bundle of communications functions including instant messaging, video calling and more
UC Team
All the features of UC Business, plus audio and web conferencing for up to eight people
Hot desking
Temporarily move your phone number and settings to a host device for a set length of time
CRM Integrator
Works with BT Cloud Voice to display the customer information of incoming callers on your agents’ desktops
CRM Lite
Works with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google Contacts to display information on incoming callers on your desktop
A TAPI driver that can connect to a TAPI compliant* application. *TAPI version 2.0 and 2.1.
Receptionist console
This PC application lets receptionists see who’s available to take a call, then transfer the call with a click of their mouse
Busy Lamp Field
Allows users on an IP phone system to check the status of a colleague’s phone before transferring a call
Call recording
Record and store calls with an easy-to-use online dashboard
Fax messaging
Translate faxes into emails which are sent to your inbox
Call Centre ACD
This call-queuing system plays intermittent call-holding messages, and lets agents log out of queues so calls don’t come to them when they’re unavailable
Call analytics
Make better decisions with information on your calls


Feature pack




Feature pack













Feature pack











Optional extras

Call packages

We have a range of call packages to cover the different ways that people use Cloud Voice, including options for calling mobiles and international numbers.

UK Call Sharer options

Pay As You Go - just pay for the calls you make.

UK Call Sharer minutes – choose from a selection of inclusive minutes options (from 500-5000 minutes) that you can share across your uses for a fixed monthly price.  

UK Call Sharer Unlimited – make unlimited calls to UK national and UK mobile numbers for a fixed monthly price per user.

IP phones and Headsets

BT Cloud Voice uses IP phones. We’ve a broad range that you can choose from, depending on your employees’ needs. We’ll also configure them for you so they’re ready to use as soon as you get them out of the box. We can help you decide the models that you need for your business when we talk with you.

We’ve tested and configured all our IP phones to make sure they work perfectly with our BT Cloud Voice service. So to make sure you experience the quality of calls you’d expect, only IP phones from the BT Cloud Voice portfolio can be used.

To complement these IP phones, we have a range of Headsets that can be used to enhance your experience. These are sourced from leading edge suppliers and can be purchased when you order your BT Cloud Voice service.



Choice of regional phone numbers

With BT Cloud Voice, your numbers aren't tied to your local area. You can choose local numbers from anywhere in the country for your users, wherever they’re actually located. So if you have a team of regional sales managers all based at your head office in Birmingham, you could give the manager for the north west, a Manchester number; the manager for the south, a London number; the manager for Wales, a Cardiff number, and so on. You can give the impression of being local to your customers without having to open a local office.

LAN, hub and cabling

If you need more phones than you can connect to your current router, installing a new hub, Local Area Network (LAN) and cabling can increase your capacity and give you the sharpest, clearest service for your BT Cloud Voice system.

We can help with any requirements you may have. When we confirm your BT Cloud Voice order with you, our sales advisors will assess whether a new LAN, new hub or new cabling would be needed, and talk through the prices and benefits of upgrading.

Training options

Worried about getting to grips with Cloud Voice? Don’t be. Our training packages have you covered.

For anywhere, anytime access, choose our Training Platform. It’s got it all from self-service courses and video tutorials, through to instructor-led webcasts and 121 Guru sessions.            

After a more personal touch? Then on-site training with a face-to-face lesson in your own office is for you. Combine this with one of our Training Platform options — ideal for a training refresh and new employees. 

Cloud Voice Call Analytics

Cloud Voice call analytics gives you the true picture of your business calling. With more information you can make better decisions. It works with your Cloud Voice system to give you data on the calls you attempt, make and receive. As well as the ones you miss.

Viewing your call data is easy – just log in to the online portal using any internet-enabled device. You can choose how detailed you want your reporting to be – at a company, department, team or employee level. It’ll even analyse them and show trends. With wallboards showing you real-time information, you can make better business decisions, spot ways to cut costs and keep your customers happy.

Secure entry systems

Choose door access control systems linked to your Cloud Voice so you can control who comes in.

Keep staff safe, drive efficiency and provide improved customer services with secure entry systems and Cloud Voice.

To find more about secure entry systems, get in touch today or download our brochure:

BT Cloud Voice Peripherals brochure (PDF,  704 KB) 

On hold music and messaging services

A phone system is about more than just making and taking calls. Cloud Voice offers solutions that make things easier for you and your customers. 

Greet your customers in a professional and efficient way with tailored on hold music and messaging services. Because first impressions count.

To find more about secure entry systems, get in touch today or download our brochure:

BT Cloud Voice Peripherals brochure (PDF,  704 KB) 

Cloud Voice Call Analytics

This powerful optional extra provides valuable information on your business calling, allowing you to handle calls more effectively, better train your staff, and keep your customers happy.

Why BT Business

Local expertise

Get the right solution for your business from BT Local Business experts

Outstanding service

Unbeatable local knowledge, national resources, and personal service

The personal touch

We’ll get to know you and your business challenges

Industry leader

We’re the UK’s leading provider of phone systems

Things you need to know

UK Call Sharer Unlimited covers

Cloud Voice calls to 01, 02, 03, 05 (where charged at G21 rates) numbers and calls to fixed destinations in the Republic of Ireland.

Cloud Voice calls to mobile numbers in all charge bands (FM1-FM17).

It applies to calls up to 60 minutes duration only. When you reach 60 minutes, you can hang up and call the number again (starting another 60 minute period) or continue the call. If you continue, we’ll charge our standard Cloud Voice rate from the end of the 60-minute period.

UK Call Sharer Unlimited does not include calls to non-geographic numbers starting with 084, 087, 09, or 118.

We’ll call you to confirm details of your order

Our sales advisor will call to review all requirements with you and confirm prices before the order is completed.

Prices may vary depending on what’s required, and can increase if LAN or cabling upgrades, access, training or advanced features are needed.


Do I need a fibre connection?

Not necessarily. The speed you need depends on how many people will be using the system. You may only need a broadband connection. We’ll check everything when you call us before you place an order.

What’s the ideal connection for BT Cloud Voice?

While BT Cloud Voice can be supported on any connection with sufficient bandwidth, we recommend our leased line or business fibre broadband. Here’s why:

  • When you get your leased line or fibre broadband and Cloud Voice service from us, we’ll do the legwork to make sure everything works perfectly together. And you’ll only have one supplier to work with.
  • We’ll make sure your calls get top priority over your internet traffic on our connections, so you’ll always get great quality calls.
  • Our internet connections come with built-in security and 24/7 monitoring to make sure you stay safe – and stay connected – at all times.
  • Our network has ultra-low latency which is vital for making the most of voice applications like Cloud Voice. Better still, it’s guaranteed by our service level agreement.

See our guide to getting the most out of BT Cloud Voice for more information.

BTnet leased line 
With BTnet, you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else. So you get exceptional speeds, with ultra-low latency, all backed up by our market-leading 100% target availability service level agreement. 

Superfast business fibre broadband 
Our Superfast business fibre broadband gives you the extra speed to help your business succeed. It gives you download speeds up to 76Mbps, backed by our Business Smart Hub, 4G Assure, built-in security and 24/7 IT support.

Do I need BT Business Broadband to use BT Cloud Voice?

No, as long as you have sufficient bandwidth you can use BT Cloud Voice. We can discuss your current set-up when you talk to us about VoIP. If you’re looking for a new broadband connection, we can find the right package for your business from our comprehensive range: standard broadband, fibre broadband, or BTnet leased line.

What’s the difference between BT Cloud Voice and BT Cloud Phone?

BT Cloud Phone is a fully configured, plug ‘n’ play system for small businesses. Users all access the same set of features.

BT Cloud Voice is designed for the larger business (5 users and above). Self-install but with an engineer install option, along with cabling and LAN options. Users access individually-tailored features. 

How do I access the BT Cloud Voice portal?

The BT Cloud Voice portal is what you use to manage your communications features and settings from anywhere - and any device - that's on the internet.

Visit the BT Cloud Voice portal.

Am I going to compromise on quality?

No, the call quality is the same as with a standard phone. Your callers won’t know the difference.

I'm a BT Cloud Voice customer, where can I find help?

Firstly take a look at our online help.

Still need help? Just get in touch with our helpdesk on 0800 389 0537



Discover all the benefits of BT Cloud Voice

Download the training brochure

Download the Cloud Voice datasheet

Make better decisions with more data

Better patient care from the first call with BT Cloud Voice

Download the Call Recording datasheet

Get even more from your phone system

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