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Hosted and on-premise IP phone systems for flexibility, agility, and powerful call management features.

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Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

Compare cloud-based VoIP phone systems
Number of users
Ideal for
Call package option
Video conferencing
Virtual geographic numbers
Future proofing
Cost - payment options

BT Cloud Voice Express

Cloud Voice Express is our digital phone line full of rich features, perfect for small businesses.

1 - 4

Small businesses
Take landline calls on mobile
Keeping business connected

PAYG or unlimited UK calls



Self install


Automatic updates
Easy to add users
System hosted  in cloud so easy to move  office location
Includes IP phone

24/7 dedicated helpdesk

Per line per month

BT Cloud Voice

A feature-rich, cloud-based phone system with the flexibility to meet the demands of the modern, agile business. Create a local impression, even on the move.

5 - 99

Remote working
Simple set-up office

PAYG, unlimited or shared minutes allowance



Self or engineer install


Automatic updates
Easy to add users
System hosted in cloud so easy to move office location

8am-6pm, Mon-Fri dedicated helpdesk

Per user per month

BT One Phone

Acts like a mobile, thinks like a phone system. Replaces your desk phone and mobile with one device that switches between your office and mobile networks seamlessly.

5 - 500+

Managing all calls/voicemail on one mobile device

Choice of unlimited voice and texts, and flexible costs



Engineer install


Automatic updates
Easy to add users
System hosted in cloud so easy to move office location

24/7 dedicated helpdesk

Per user

BT Cloud Work

BT Cloud Work allows you to future-proof your communications while maintaining tech stack freedom and optimising total cost of ownership on your traditional phone systems.


Growing businesses
Integrate numerous apps/services
Mix of mobile & fixed workforce

Inclusive 500 mins or unlimited



Self install, engineer install or full Professional Services


Automatic updates
Easy to add users
System hosted  in cloud so easy to move  office location

24/7 dedicated technical helpdesk

Per user per month

What is a cloud-based VoIP phone system?

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system gives you everything a traditional PBX does but with one crucial difference: it’s hosted in the cloud. VoIP technology converts your voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make calls over the internet. That means you spend less money on hardware and maintenance.

A cloud-based (or hosted) phone system also gives you the flexibility to take calls from both your desk phone and your computer or mobile, so you can utilise all the features of the office phone system wherever you are. With cloud telephony, you’ll never miss an important call again.

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Benefits of a cloud-based VoIP phone system

Stuffed full of call management features

A VoIP system does everything your traditional phone system does and then some. You can use all of the features that you rely on in the office like call forwarding, automatic call routing, call transfers, 3-way calling, and so on but from wherever you are. So if you’re a salesman out in the field or you’re a property developer out – literally - in a field, you’ve no excuse for missing that important call again.

Easy management through online portal

You can set up and manage your phone system, your options, and your users online from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cost control

It’s hosted in the cloud so there isn’t an actual box of kit to buy, maintain, and house on your premises. That means less hardware costs (you’ll just need the actual phones and a router) and, if you’ve got more than one site, you don’t need to splash out on duplicate hardware. And you don’t need to worry about maintenance or upgrade costs either, because that all happens in the cloud.

It’s future-proof

VoIP helps you scale for future growth and enhance productivity. You can add new users and features easily so as your business grows, your phone system grows with you. Plus you only pay for what you need, helping you keep a lid on expenses.

Peace of mind

There’s no need to worry about your system packing up and leaving you in the lurch. Our cloud-based systems are completely resilient because we use multiple, highly secure data centres. In the unlikely event that there’s a problem at one, your calls switch seamlessly to a back-up centre. Neither you nor your callers would even suspect there’d been a problem.

And if you need any help at any time with cloud-based VoIP system, we have a dedicated UK-based help desk waiting to talk to you.

Hassle-free collaboration tools

Our VoIP phone systems packages can give you more ways to collaborate and work with colleagues with options including video and audio conferencing, call management features and call recording.

Hosted vs. On-Premise VoIP

VoIP PBX systems bring vast benefits to your business phone set-up, but if you want to keep all your hardware on-site, you might want to consider an On-Premise PBX over a hosted IP system.

Why BT Business?

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The personal touch

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What is VoIP and what is a cloud-based VoIP phone system?

VoIP (it stands for Voice over Internet Protocol) means that you make calls over the internet rather than over the traditional phone network. And with a cloud-based phone system, your call routing takes place in our internet-connected secure data centre instead of in hardware installed on your premises. 

Put these technologies together and you get a cloud-based VoIP system. Why would you want one? How about lower upfront costs, fixed monthly pricing, no maintenance, and automatic updates for starters? Plus, being on the internet means you can manage your system through an online portal wherever you can get an internet connection; and the system easily grows as your business does.

Are VoIP calls good quality?

Yes, you’ll get the same level of clarity as you do with a regular landline (depending on the set-up of your system and the internet connection, call quality may even be better).  Calls made over your internet connection take priority over data, so you can be sure that your call quality will be consistent.

When you talk to us about installing a cloud-based phone system, we’ll discuss your current broadband connection to ensure your VoIP calls will be of good enough quality for your business. And if you’re looking for a new broadband connection, we’ll find the right package for your business from our comprehensive range: standard broadband, fibre broadband, or BTnet leased line.


What's the minimum internet speed I need?

The speed you need basically depends on a couple of things: how many people will be on the phone at the same time; and how much data your business uses.

You might think you need fibre broadband, but this isn’t necessarily the case as a VoIP call only uses a fraction of your broadband's capacity. All new business broadband connections from BT come with a Smart Hub. Web traffic prioritisation technology within the hub boosts the strength of voice calls over the internet. Which means you could get by with less bandwidth. 

Don’t worry about this, though. We won’t place any orders until we’ve talked to you about how your business works, what you want to achieve, what your future plans are, and so on.

How does a cloud-based phone system work with my mobile?

There are several ways you can use your mobile with the system.

You can set your mobile to ring whenever your office phone does, which is handy whether you’ve just popped away from your desk or you’re out of the office.    

With BT Cloud Voice and BT Cloud Phone you can flip calls between phones. So if you get a call on your Cloud Voice number, say, just as you’re leaving the office to go home, you can flip the call seamlessly from the office phone onto your mobile.

And then there’s the mobile app (for Android and iOS devices).

This turns your mobile into an extension of your phone system.  Not only can you answer and make calls, but you’ll also be able to see when people are available to talk, set-up call routing, and transfer calls between colleagues.  

With the mobile app you can control your phone system from wherever you are.

How reliable are cloud-based VoIP phone systems?

We host our cloud-based phone systems across multiple secure data centres, each in a different location. In the unlikely event that one of them has a problem, another takes over.

And when you run a VoIP system with BT internet access, you’ll get 99.99% reliability from our business broadband and fibre broadband networks. And if you're making calls over a dedicated BTnet internet connection, we’ll give you money back if it isn't available 100% of the time.

But let's say your internet connection does have an off day. You can take your IP phones, plug them into another broadband service and carry on as normal, using the same number (note, though that, we’ll only support your cloud-based phone system when you’re using it with the BT Business equipment and internet connection that we set it up to work with). And, when things are up and running again, re-connect your phones as before and you're back in business with high quality phone calls.

Or, using the online portal, you could just re-direct your calls to any other landline or mobile.

How easy is it to set up a cloud-based VoIP system (and what support do I get)?

We aim to make setting up as simple as possible, which is why you’ll have a team of cloud system experts to call on if you need help.

Our BT Cloud Phone system is the simple plug and play option where phones arrive ready to go. Just connect things together and we’ll talk you through how to set it up so it’s right for your business, including help with setting up call handling rules and user profiles.

BT Cloud Voice, which is ideal for the business with more than 9 employees, is also a system that you can install yourself, but you've also got the option for us to pop in and set it up if you prefer. 

Is a cloud-based VoIP phone system secure?


Security is absolutely crucial.

That's why the data centres where we host our VoIP phone systems undergo robust audits; it’s why they have everything from firewalls to intrusion detection systems; and it’s why all your data is encrypted, to protect it from cyber-attacks and unauthorised access.  

What equipment do I need?
First, you'll need an internet connection and the equipment that comes with it. If you’re looking for a new broadband connection, we can find the right package for your business from our comprehensive range: standard broadband, fibre broadband, or BTnet leased line.
Next, you’ll need IP phones from BT Business (note: our VoIP systems will only work with our IP phones, which are specially designed to work with our cloud-based VoIP systems. We also pre-configure our IP phones before we deliver them to you). If you want to make calls through your computer, you’ll need a headset and microphone that plugs into your computer.
You’ll also need appropriate Feature Packs for each user. The packs offer different levels of features.
You will need to decide how you want to pay for your calls
  • BT Cloud Phone: you’ll get 500 UK minutes and the option, with the Connect and Collaborate Feature Packs, to take an Unlimited UK Calls package.
  • BT Cloud Voice: you can buy a UK and International Call Sharer plan (these are bundles of minutes that you can share across your employees).

If you're ordering lots of phones, you may need a Local Area Network (LAN), which connects all of them together into one phone system. We can supply and install one for you.

And if you want to use a standard phone or even a fax machine on your system, we can supply an Analogue Terminal Adapter that connects to your BT Business Hub or LAN. You can then just plug your standard phone in and use as normal.

How much would I pay for a cloud-based VoIP phone system?

How much you’ll pay depends on several different factors so it’s difficult to give you a price just here.

It all depends on which system is best for your business: how many people will be using the system, now and in the future?  How does your business work? How many IP phones do you want? What type? What about Feature Packs and call minutes? And so on …

So give us a call and we’ll have a chat about what you need.

Why should I get a cloud-based VoIP phone system from BT?

For starters, everything you need you can get directly from us, making the whole process easy. All the equipment and the internet connections we supply are designed to work together to give you the highest quality of service.

To get you up and running, you'll have support from our team of VoIP experts who will help you set up the system so it works for how you run your business. They’ll show you how to configure and  manage it through the online portal.   

And you’ll be able to call our free helpdesk for technical help or advice, whenever you want. 

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