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Fibre broadband for business

2025 will mark a major year for broadband connectivity. And as Full Fibre is rolled out around the country, you could get ahead of the game now.

Just like our customers, BT Means Business.

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Our Full Fibre business broadband gives you…

Strength and reliability

Unaffected by bad weather or distance from the exchange. It’s a connection your business can count on.


Speeds of up to 900Mbps

With lightning-fast broadband, everyone can work at full tilt without worrying about the internet slowing down.

Powerful performance

Multiple users and devices at the same time on super-sharp video calls, sharing huge files, running cloud apps - all without a hitch.


Future-proof connectivity

Say hi to your final broadband upgrade. Full Fibre is the best of the best, ready for the changing demands of your business.

Is your area ready for Full Fibre?

Find out what you can get.

Our digital phone line gives you…

A number you can keep

If you ever change your business address you can bring your number with you, keeping it part of your identity.

Calls on the go

Use your business number on your smartphone when you’re out of the office, with the Cloud Voice Express app.


Calls with control

Get voicemails as texts or listen to them in the app. Divert calls easily, and filter known nuisance numbers automatically.


24/7 support

Fibre makes internet phone services more reliable, but if you need fast, free support from our business experts – they’re ready.