Regulatory and legal statements

Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act (“DSA”) requires intermediary service providers to designate a single point of contact to enable direct communication with users and relevant European Institutions regarding the application of the DSA. These parties may contact BT at  Communication should be in English.

BT Group’s transparency reporting which includes details on content moderation as are relevant to the DSA is available at Protecting privacy and free expression - Responsible - Responsible business | BT Plc.

If you wish to report any suspected illegal content hosted on a BT service, please contact us using the email address and include: brief details of the content and why you believe it is illegal; the URL or other location identifier of the content; your name and contact details where possible (not required in the case of material related to child sexual abuse and exploitation); and that you are making the statement in good faith and that it is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.

Local country information