Organisations globally are at a tipping point.

Having already migrated significant workloads to the cloud, businesses are finding that to fully achieve their cloud vision they will need to look at both their cloud and network strategy together. Companies who are leading the way in terms of digital transformation recognise that the success of their cloud strategy is very much dependent on the quality of their network.

The research is clear – the right network structures are vital to thriving in a multi-cloud environment. The challenge now is how to build the right infrastructure in an effective, secure, scalable, and easy-to-manage way, that will drive competitive advantage.

How can organisations undertake this journey while also satisfying demands for increased sustainability, lower costs, and compliance with, for example, data sovereignty requirements?

In partnership with Microsoft, our research explores how:

  • organisations are struggling to achieve their goals with their current networks
  • simple and reliable ways to achieve choice and flexibility within networks are essential
  • hybrid SD-WAN solutions are increasingly solving issues around network transparency
  • organisations expect flexible commercial terms for cloud-based network services
  • sustainability is a significant factor when building IT and network infrastructure.

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