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Work smarter on the go with the Cloud Voice Express app

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Faster, easier, everywhere

Got Cloud Voice Express? Stay connected and do things faster, wherever you’re working, with our dedicated app.

To get the app, text CVEapp to 81192. Or download from the App Store or Google Play.


Hands holding a phone on the dial screen

Many places, one phone number

On the go? Use the app to make and take calls on your Cloud Voice Express business number, wherever life takes you. So customers and your team have just one number to remember, and know it’s you when you call.

Woman laughing with a pen in her hand and a cup on the desk

Take every opportunity

Can’t pick up a call yourself? Use the app to divert it to someone else in your team or to your voicemail. If you know you won’t be free, you can even schedule call diverts in advance. So you never miss an order or business chance.

Man with a headset at work next to colleagues

Get back to work, faster

Pushed for time? Use the app to turn your voicemails into easy-to-browse text. So you can read what you need to know now, and get back to work, faster.

Phone screen with voicemail displayed

Keep everyone at hand

Got lots of business contacts? No problem. With just a couple of taps, you can copy your phone’s contact list into the app. So everyone’s number is to hand when you need to call.

Phone screen with recent calls displayed

Make it personal

Want a voicemail greeting that tells people it’s you? Use the app to record something personal. Or, if you like, choose a more standard, pre-recorded greeting.

Woman sitting down reading her phone

Never stand still

As your working life on the go keeps changing, we’re constantly adding features to the app to help. So you can always do things faster, easier. And enjoy a real competitive edge.

To get the app, text CVEapp to 81192. Or download from the App Store or Google Play.


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