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What is BT Business Complete?

What is BT Business Complete?

BT Business Complete is a calling package that combines your business lines, calls, mobile and broadband for even bigger savings.

The following are the most frequently asked questions about the package:

What happens if I cancel my BT Business Complete contract within the minimum term?

If you end your BT Business Complete contract before the end of the 24-month Minimum Period, you may not have reached your minimum committed spend. In that case, you are liable to pay an Annual Charge.

What is a BT Business Complete 'Annual Charge'?

At the end of each year of your 24-month contract, we'll measure what you've actually spent against what you originally committed to spend. If there's a shortfall (maybe, for example, you've cancelled some lines during the year so your rental charges are less than we both expected), and you've not reached 80% of your original commitment, then you are liable to pay an Annual Charge.

This is 20% of the difference between what you've actually spent and 80% of your original commitment.

For the latest information about our charges, go to our Price List at

What BT services can I include in my BT Business Complete package?

The plan must include at least one landline. You can add BT Business Broadband or BT Business Total Broadband Fibre as well as compatible BT Business Mobile products.
For more details, take a look at our sales pages.

What happens at the end of my BT Business Complete commitment period?

BT Business Complete includes a 24-month Minimum Period; you'll receive the benefits of BT Business Complete during the Minimum Period. At the end of that time, the contract will continue and you'll continue to receive the other benefits of BT Business Complete, but no new Minimum Period will start. We will write and let you know what options may be available to you.

What is the BT Business Complete 'Annual Committed Spend'?

The Annual Committed Spend is an agreement that you and BT agree at the start of your 24-month Business Complete contract. We agree the amount that you will spend annually on your rental charges for lines, broadband, and call packages.

To work out your Annual Committed Spend we simply add up the recurring rental charges for your lines, call packages, and BT Broadband. In return for making this annual commitment to us, you get discounts on your call rates and on the BT Broadband and BT Mobile rental that you have included in your plan. You also get inclusive intra-business calls.

If you fail to meet 80% of the Committed Spend, you'll be liable to pay an Annual Charge. See What is a BT Business Complete Annual Charge? above.

What is the BT Business Complete 'contributory spend'?

The 'contributory spend' is any variable charge on top of the fixed ones we've included at the start of your plan. So any call charges on your fixed line, your BT Mobile, or your VoIP line will also count towards your annual commitment, although they are not contracted within the plan.

Are there limits on the intra-business calls that I can make with BT Business Complete?

Intra-business calls are the ones you make between your own fixed, BT Mobile, and VoIP lines. There are no call charges for the first 60 minutes of these intra-business calls. For calls that last longer than an hour, the extra minutes are charged at the pence-per-minute rate.

No more than 75% of your total minutes can be intra-business. If you exceed this, BT reserves the right to terminate your BT Complete contract.


If you'd like to order BT Business Complete with a new broadband, phone line, or mobile package, you can do it online at the same time as you order your products.

If you already have everything you need from us and just want to order BT Business Complete please contact us.

Legal stuff

  1. You can't have BT Business Complete on a line at the same time as any other calls and lines plans or call packages.

  2. Check out the terms and conditions for BT Business Complete 'Calls and Lines Packages'.

  3. Our full prices are in Section 56 Part 26 of BT Price List.

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