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BT Answer 1571 | BT Business

BT Answer 1571

BT Answer 1571 is a network-based answering service that’s free on BT Business phone lines. If your line’s connected to a phone system, then 1571 might not be available.

When you get a new message, it reminds you to check your mailbox by placing an interrupted dial tone on the line. To retrieve your message just dial 1571.

Just so you know, features like Call Waiting and Call Forward when Busy stop calls diverting to BT Answer 1571 when you’re on a call.

Using BT Answer 1571

We provide the BT Answer message service by default, but you may need to register. All you need to do is call either 0800 003 800 or 0800 917 1571. It then takes between two and ten days to activate the service.

Accessing your messages

To do this just dial 1571.

Managing your messages

  • Press 1 to replay the message.
  • Press 2 to save the message and move on to the next.
  • Press 3 to delete the message and move on to the next.

Recording a personal greeting

  1. Dial 1571 .
  2. Press 2 from the main menu.
  3. Press 1 to record your own message, or 2 to choose the standard greeting.
  4. After the prompt, record your greeting then press #. You’ll then receive another system prompt.
  5. Press 2 when you're happy with your greeting.
  6. You’ll hear a confirmation message and you’re set.

Removing BT Answer 1571

BT Answer 1571 is a permanent feature on your BT Business telephone line. To remove it you'll need to get in touch.

Troubleshooting BT Answer 1571 problems

BT Answer 1571 isn’t responding to any commands such as delete or save

Check your phone’s set to Tone Dialling. If you still have problems, please try using another phone.

There’s an interrupted dial tone, but no messages

If you have an interrupted dial tone, but no 1571 voice mail message, it’s likely that a caller has hung up after the call has connected, but before the message recording has started.

Here’s how to remove the interrupted dial tone:

  1. Call your number and leave a message when prompted.
  2. Dial 1571 and delete the message you’ve left.

Activating Call Diversion on your line will also cause an interrupted dial tone. To check for this, visit How do I divert calls from my phone?

If these steps don’t remove the interrupted dial tone get in touch to report the fault online.

Messages are received late

Please get in touch as there might be a fault with your local BT Exchange.

BT Answer 1571 cuts in straight away

From a mobile or another line, make a test call to confirm the issue still exists. Disconnect all your equipment from the main socket and try another telephone to see if it’s the telephone at fault.

If you're still experiencing difficulties with BT Answer, please report the fault online or contact us.

For information on other calling features, view our help articles or our calling features user guide.

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