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Using Call diversion to forward calls | How to divert calls | BT Business

Using Call diversion to forward calls

Call diversion is an added feature on our phone lines — to buy it head to our sales pages.

This page is for call diversion on phone lines only. To forward calls with other products choose the option you have:

Call diversion codes

Whether you’re using call diversion to forward calls from your landline to a mobile or to another landline there are specific codes you’ll need to enter.

Action Code
Divert all calls 21
Divert calls not answered within 15 seconds 61
Divert calls if phone engaged 67

How to use call diversion with your handset

  1. Press * followed by the divert code
  2. Press * followed by the phone number to divert to
  3. Press #

You’ll hear an intermittent dial tone when it’s on – this doesn’t affect outgoing calls.

If you’ve got Call Minder, the intermittent dial tone means you’ve got a new message, not that a divert has been set.

How to cancel call diversion using your handset

  1. Press # followed by the divert code
  2. Press #

Checking call divert is on using your handset

  1. Press * then #
  2. Type the divert code followed by #

Costs for using call diversion

The diverted part of your call is charged at our standard dialling rates. Read on to find pricing information for all calling features

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