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Ofcom Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice explained | BT Business

Ofcom Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice

What is the Ofcom Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice?

The Ofcom Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice has been in existence in the UK since September 2016 and was revised on 01 March 2018. In short, it's known as Ofcom's Code of Practice, or just 'the Code'.

BT voluntarily signed up to the Code, and we're developing our business broadband service to comply with the revised Code with effect from 01 March 2019. These Ofcom regulations are not mandatory - not every service provider will offer their customers the reassurance of Ofcom's Code of Practice.

The aim of the Code is to provide business broadband customers with clear, realistic speed information at the point where the service is sold, as well as after-sale.

Ofcom's Code of Practice sets out guidelines on how service providers should manage speed-related problems, and gives clear guidance on how customers can exit their contract without penalty if their broadband download speed falls below the minimum guaranteed speed.

View Ofcom's Code of Practice (PDF, 1.21MB)


How does the Ofcom Code of Practice affect me?

The Ofcom Code of Practice gives you a guarantee that you'll get the minimum download speed promised by your service provider.

The Code ensures service providers give realistic speed estimates when offering business broadband services to their customers and helps customers to better understand the speed information provided.

We'll show you the broadband download speed we guarantee when you check availability of our broadband deals. And when you've chosen our business broadband, we make it easy for you to test your speed and see how it compares with your guarantee.

The Ofcom Code of Practice also enables customers to better understand what they can do if they are not receiving the speeds expected.

A key part of the Code is to make customers aware of their right to exit their contract without penalty, if speeds fall below the minimum guarantee.

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