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Business Broadband Code of Practice right to exit | BT Business

Business Broadband Code of Practice 'right to exit'

What is the 'right to exit'?

The 'right to exit' is an element of Ofcom's Business Broadband Speed Code of Practice.

In short, if a broadband service provider doesn't meet the guaranteed speeds promised to the customer when they bought broadband, and the service provider is unable to fix the issue within the agreed conditions of the Ofcom Code of Practice, the customer may cancel their broadband contract without penalty.

Can I cancel BT broadband if I don't get my guaranteed download speed?

We've voluntarily agreed to the Ofcom Code of Practice to give our customers the reassurance that they'll get the broadband speed we guaranteed.

So if your connection drops below the minimum speed we promised and we can't fix it within the agreed conditions (which you can read more about below), you may simply walk away.

In these circumstances, you may have the right to exit, and may cancel your broadband.

Is there a 'right to exit' process before I can cancel my contract?

Yes. For the 'right to exit' to apply, here's what needs to happen:

1. Your speed falls below the minimum guaranteed download speed we promised for at least 3 successive days

You can check your guaranteed download speed in the order confirmation we sent you. How to test your broadband speed

2. You let us know about the problems with your broadband speed

You can report a fault in the broadband speed checker or contact us.

3. The speed issue is identified as our fault

If the broadband speed issue is not within the stabilisation period and it's agreed that we're responsible for the fault, we'll look to put things right for you.

4. We're unable to fix the speed issue within 30 days

We have 30 calendar days from when you contacted us to resolve your issue, and ensure you get the minimum guaranteed download speed shown in your order confirmation.

5. You have the 'right to exit'

You may cancel BT broadband without penalty if we've been unable to provide your minimum guaranteed download speed within 30 days of you telling us about the problem, and any other options we offer you are not suitable.

You can find full details of the terms for exiting your broadband contract, along with the process for the 'right to exit' in Ofcom's Business Broadband Speed Code of Practice (PDF, 1.21MB).

How are other services I bought with my broadband affected by the 'right to exit'?

The right to exit your contract applies to your BT Business Broadband plus any other service which is dependent on the affected broadband or any bundled product.

So, if a service we also provide cannot operate without broadband, you may cancel that without penalty too.

This includes packages where voice and broadband services were bought at the same time, and a service would be 'stranded' if the affected broadband was cancelled.

If you have more than one broadband service, the right to exit only applies to the one which failed to achieve the minimum guaranteed download speed.

If you have purchased your broadband service as part of a bundle, the right to exit will apply to any products that form part of your bundle.

The right to exit doesn't apply to other services or products that can operate independently of the affected broadband service (such as a mobile phone).

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