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Broadband speed and the stabilisation period | BT Business

Broadband speed and the stabilisation period

What happens if I don't get the minimum broadband speed you guaranteed?

When you bought business broadband from us, we gave you an estimate of the speeds you're likely to get. We also promised you a minimum guaranteed download speed. You can find these speeds in the order confirmation we've sent you.

If you notice that your broadband speed falls below your minimum guaranteed speed, please contact us - we're ready to investigate for you, and will work to put things right.

How to test your broadband speed

About the different broadband speeds

About the Ofcom Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice

How to report a speed below the minimum guarantee

What's the stabilisation period, and how can it affect broadband speed?

The first 10 days after your broadband's been connected is known as the 'stabilisation period'.

During the stabilisation period, the equipment at the telephone exchange is working out the optimal speed for your line, so your broadband speeds are likely to fluctuate. It takes around 10 days for your broadband speeds to settle at the speeds you'll get consistently.

So it's normal for your speeds to go up and down during the stabilisation period.

We'll be ready to help if you're having problems with your speeds more than 10 days after we connected your broadband.

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