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Transform your customers’ experience with Smart Messaging

Right content. Right time. Right channel.

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What is Smart Messaging?

Smart Messaging is an easy way to manage two-way conversations with your customers across multiple channels, all through a single, cloud based platform.

It lets you deliver branded messages. Handle customer interactions. Create and send out a range of engaging content, such as personalised videos and GIFs, using channels including SMS, email, RCS (Rich Communication Services) and WhatsApp. 

What Smart Messaging can do for you

Greater choice of channels

Your customers use SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat. You should too. Deliver your messages to wherever they like to be.

Manage everything in one place

Handle your messaging centrally through a single platform and API. Use our simple drag and drop interface to create and manage campaigns and customer interactions across all channels.

Content that hits the spot

Tailor every message: send the right content at the right time on the right channel. And with personalised video and RCS, you’ll reach a whole new level of customer engagement.


Real-time reporting

Understand how well your messages are performing across each channel, with a customisable dashboard. Choose time ranges, analyse volumes, get the information you need to plan future campaigns and communications.

Seamless integration

Rapidly integrate Smart Messaging with your existing business systems, making it so it’s easier to get started straight away.

Ready for change

Add new channels to contact your audience as they’re brought to market, helping you to navigate and future proof the ever-changing world of messaging .

Why us

A supplier you can trust

We already deliver messaging services to more than 650 businesses and public sector organisations; we help 98 per cent of FTSE 100 companies keep up with change.


Pricing that works

As the UK's largest telecoms provider, our unmatched scale means we can offer highly competitive pricing.

Constant connection

Business needs reliability. You’ll benefit from optimised connections into all UK networks, so you know you’re getting increased speed and security when you're sending messages. 

Framework ready

We supply the public sector with messaging solutions through the frameworks you know, like G Cloud. So when it comes to public sector contracting and procurement, we know what we’re doing.

See how Smart Messaging is helping other businesses 

Improve attendance

See how a hospital reduced missed appointments, using two-way messaging reminders across a range of departments.

Engage customers

Reach customers a different way. This retailer found that 98% of its customers opened texts, compared to 20% of emails.

Dynamic lead generation

This financial institute were able to better deliver on customer expectations and increase their lead quality.

Innovative integrations

By integrating Smart Messaging into its call centre, this insurance company found a quicker way to handle leads.

Personalised Video: more than just a video

Use customer data to deliver tailored and targeted video messages. All while sticking strictly to data protection regulations.

  • Customers are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching an online video
  • The average conversion rate for a call to action in a personalised video is 42% higher
  • People are 16x more likely to click through to a personalised video than a generic video
  • Sales are boosted by an average of 20% when using a personalised web experience

RCS Business Messaging (RBM): The next generation of mobile business messaging

RBM lets you deliver branded and interactive messages directly to your customers' inbox. Images, video, audio, interactive buttons and more, offer a two-way app like experience customers want to engage with. It gives you:

  • Customisable branding, read receipts, prompted replies and carousel functionality offer rich, two-way engagement
  • Advanced ways to engage with your customers, including ChatBot services for e-tickets, promotional QR codes, live tracking of deliveries and mobile payments
  • Real-time analytics that show you when messages have been delivered and read
  • MMS/SMS fallback, so you’ll always reach your customers