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Working with BT to give you the reach, portfolio, and capability to really develop and grow your own business.

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BT Business Partners work with authorised sales agents and resellers. They in turn help us extend our reach and capabilities by integrating our portfolio into their own specialised services, which they then sell to their own customers.

As a partnership, we're able to make a real difference to our customers' experience through enhanced support and delivery. Our partners, just like us, are committed to always putting the customer first.

Resellers of BT also work as sales agents of BT Business, selling our portfolio into their own customer base. But unlike BT Business Partners, they don't have a direct contract with us.

We're interested in working with you if...

Your customers are looking for business products across our entire range: Cloud, mobile, voice, broadband, data, etc. You could be big, small, local, national or multi-national.

How you'll benefit

Working with BT gives you the reach, portfolio, and capability to really develop and grow your own business.

You'll have the recognition and trust of the BT brand behind you to inspire your customers. Your knowledge and experience, combined with our expertise and portfolio delivers mutually profitable business opportunities.

We've got the know-how and the resilience to give businesses what they want today and what they'll need tomorrow. From the Cloud, to mobile convergence, and through to top-notch customer service, we're leading from the front (and if you partner with us, that's where you'll be too).


Collaborating with BT is good for both of us: we extend our market on the back of your expertise and you extend yours as a partner of the UK's biggest IT company.

We'll give you access to product and proposition training, personal development courses, and sales material like brochures and user guides.

We benefit from your extensive experience and understanding of business needs and ability to deliver BT services as a core part of your customer propositions.

Our customers benefit by getting an alternative route to the BT Business portfolio. Great for customers wanting to use a different supplier.

“It's a fantastic set-up for resellers. You've got an extensive product portfolio (including phone lines, broadband, leased lines, and mobile) coupled with excellent support from BT. Account managers and product specialists are really easy to get hold of. Here in DMSL, we bring it all together with extensive marketing activity and reseller account managers.”

John Carter

Managing Director, DMSL

“We've been working with BT Business Partner Sales for years. I've found that BT's products really boost what we can do for our customers, which is using the cloud to deliver decentralised applications to remote offices. Our BT-resellers value the whole commercial package that they get from us as a BT Business Partner. We make things easy for our resellers by looking after their admin, network design, installation, delivery, and invoicing. And let's not forget the power of the BT brand: it's synonymous with quality and professionalism, and gives our resellers a huge advantage in their markets.”

Guy Watts

Managing Director , Getech

Things you need to know

Definition of Partnership

The meaning of the word partner or partnership is this communication is governed solely by the terms of the commercial agreement(s) and / or arrangements in place between BT and its partners. It does not give rise to a partnership as defined in the Partnership Act 1890 and any such meaning is expressly rejected by BT and its partners.