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The Partner Channel

Let’s work together

Combining our strengths. Growing our businesses.

We want what you want – to grow  

Let’s join forces and make it happen. The Partner Channel combines our network, services and expertise with your know-how and customer relationships. So we can reach further, build our capabilities and boost our businesses, together.

We’re in this together

You’ll work one-to-one with our dedicated account managers and Partner Channel team. They’re as keen as you to grow our businesses. They’ll celebrate your successes and roll their sleeves up to help overcome your challenges. They’re a team you can rely on. Always. 

We’ll bring our network, services and expertise

A network you can rely on

Our network has the capacity, nationwide coverage and end-to-end security your customers can rely on. And our mobile network, powered by EE, has been the UK's No.1 for seven years in a row. And is the UK’s No.1 5G network. So your customers will get a signal they can depend on, coverage in more places, and a faster connection, too.  

Products and expertise

We’ll throw everything we have into helping our businesses to grow. Sharing our expertise and support. Continuously investing in BT’s market-leading portfolios. So we can both deliver the best experience and get the best results.

A door to the latest innovation

Customers want the latest technology to help them stay flexible and adapt to change. So you need to be able to act fast and adapt to their digital demands. We invest more in research and development than any other telecoms company in the UK and work with world leaders in innovation. So you can offer your customers the latest technology on the network the UK relies on.

You bring your know-how and customer relationships

No one knows your business or your customers better than you. We’ll build on the know-how and customer relationships you already have. And help you to become the business you want to be. 

What our partners say

“We have worked in partnership with BT for the last 10 years. BT offers one of the best known brands in the UK with significant capability across connectivity, voice and mobile. Becoming a BT Partner is one of the simplest ways to grow a new revenue stream aligned with a strong brand and a dedicated account and support team.”

Robert Sturt


Get in touch

We’d love to find out about your business and see how we can help each other. 

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Things you need to know

Definition of Partnership

The meaning of the word partner or partnership is this communication is governed solely by the terms of the commercial agreement(s) and / or arrangements in place between BT and its partners. It does not give rise to a partnership as defined in the Partnership Act 1890 and any such meaning is expressly rejected by BT and its partners.