Save valuable time & money spent on unnecessary travel & accommodation

Arranging meetings couldn't be easier with audio, web or video conferencing

  • Save money and time by not travelling to meetings
  • Bring employees and customers together instantly
  • More efficient and effective meetings
  • Reduce carbon emissions

What is conferencing?

It's the ability to meet with colleagues, customers and suppliers whenever you want.

Conferencing can be anything from a simple three-way phone call to a large event with 2,500 people watching the conference streamed live to them using their PC.

How conferencing can benefit your business

With less travel and faster decision making conferencing can offer businesses a way to respond to day-to-day challenges quickly and effectively, ultimately helping to increase productivity and gain competitive advantage.

BT Conferencing services can make it easier to share information and work together, often meaning informed decisions can be made regardless of the location of key stakeholders.

You can reach and work with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders wherever they are, widening your customer base and tapping into new markets.

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Why choose BT Conferencing?

Getting to meetings is becoming increasingly difficult:

  • Budgets are tight so business travellers are getting tougher and more tightly controlled
  • Commuting is ever more stressful
  • Getting the right people to attend your meetings

In a competitive market we need better collaboration and faster results.

Watch our video to find out how BT Conferencing can help improve your business communication.

BT Conferencing services

Audio conferencing

BT MeetMe is an instant audio conferencing service that requires only access to a phone to enable highly productive meetings.

Web conferencing

Add a visual element to your meeting with a choice of two leading web conferencing services - Microsoft Live Meeting and WebEx.

Video conferencing

Transform how you interact with colleagues, suppliers and customers face-to-face meeting without the physical presence.

Business insight

Read our top tips for a
successful conference call.

Conference call etiquette

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