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BT Business Mobile

Minutes, texts, and data bundles that everyone can share

Sharer. A flexible plan tailored to your specific business needs ...

  • Share minutes, texts, and data between multiple users
  • Choose from the latest devices
  • Enjoy free, unlimited wi-fi at over 5 million hotspots
  • Get 4G at no extra cost*
  • Try our new ‘unlimited’ bundle

Call 0800 678 1261To speak with a mobile specialist

*4G access is subject to having a 4G enabled device, coverage and capacity.

HTC One Phone

5 simple steps to build your Sharer bundle

Everyone uses mobiles differently. Some text, others call, while some prefer to do business over the internet on their mobile. Some will use up their text allowance before they use up their minutes. And vice versa. BT Business Mobile Sharer gives your business a big pot of calls, texts and data to share out. It’s tailored to your business so everyone gets what they need. You pay one price and know what you’re spending each month, making it easier to avoid charges outside of your plan.

1. How many people?

Work out how many people you’d like in your plan.

2. Choose your bundle

Pick a bundle that best fits the number of minutes and texts they all need.

3. Add your data

Add how much data your people will need (there are single user or shared options).

4. Add any mobile extras

Need additional texts or roaming, or both? Just add what you need.

5. Choose handsets

Pick from a wide range of the latest models.

= a single price.

You get a single price so you know exactly what you’re spending each month.

How many people do you want to include in your bundle?

Take a look at the inclusive voice and text deals for the number of people you want to include in your bundle. Or just go straight for our ‘unlimited’ deal. If you want to add any extra people to your chosen deal, it’s just an extra £15 a month each (or £25 a month each for the ‘unlimited’ option).
People (up to ...) Voice minutes (inclusive each month) Texts (inclusive each month) Cost (month ex VAT)
3 500 500 £25.00
10 1000 1000 £40.00
20 2000 2000 £75.00
25 2500 2500 £90.00
35 3000 3000 £135.00
50 3500 3500 £175.00
100 5000 5000 £340.00
225 10,000 10,000 £825.00
500 25,000 25,000 £1,600.00
1000 50,000 50,000 £3,100.00
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited £25.00 for each user
Additional pricing information

Call charges* (in the UK excluding VAT)

Once all inclusive minutes are used, calls are charged at the standard BT Mobile rates.

UK Fixed lines 10p a minute, minimum charge 10p

Other networks 30p a minute (in the UK excluding VAT), minimum charge 10p

Other charges

GPRS Data 30p per MB**

UK Directory Enquiries (118500/118404) £1.62 per minute***

* Calls made in the UK to UK fixed lines (local and national), own network mobiles, other UK network mobiles and voicemail retrieval. Applies to calls to 01, 02 and most 07 numbers only, when caller and recipient are in the UK. Note that some 07 numbers (e.g. numbers beginning 070, 076, 07744, 07755 etc) are for personal services/call forwarding services, or international calling and will not be included within your inclusive minutes. These numbers would also incur charges at a higher rate. Excludes Roaming and calls to the Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

** Charges are based on per Kb increments rounded up to the nearest Kb

*** A set-up fee of £1.18 per call applies.

What Data Extras would you like to add to your bundle?

Buy an extra data allowance to spread across all your users so you can be confident that your people can keep working on the move. You can share out as little as 5GB, and as much as 1TB; whatever’s right for the way your business works.
Shared data allowance 5GB 8GB 10GB 15GB 20GB 30GB 40GB 50GB
Monthly subscription (bundle) £40 £60 £80 £120 £160 £240 £320 £400

Data allowance 80GB 100GB 150GB 200GB 250GB 500GB 750GB 1TB
Monthly subscription (bundle) £640 £800 £1,200 £1,600 £2,000 £4,000 £6,000 £8,000
Do you want to add any data extras to individuals?
Data allowance 500MB 1GB 3GB 5GB 8GB 10GB
Monthly subscription (individual) £5.00 £7.50 £20.00 £30.00 £37.50 £42.00
Fancy adding one of these bundles to your existing BT Mobile account? Just give us a call on 0800 678 1261.

Work abroad? Then you need roaming extras ...

Add one of these options to keep costs predictable when you’re heading abroad for business.

Europe Voice

Make and receive calls from Europe

  • 1000 minutes of free incoming calls from Europe
  • Incoming calls discounted to 0p, outgoing by 50%

£7.50 (ex VAT) a month with a 30 day minimum term

£4.25 (ex VAT) a month with a 12 month minimum term

Europe Data

Access your email and the internet when working in Europe

  • 500MB to use in Europe

£60 (ex VAT) a month with a 30 day minimum term

Rest of World Data

Access your email and the internet when working outside the EU

  • 100MB or 500MB of data to use outside the EU

£100 (ex VAT) a month for 100MB with a 30 day minimum term

£250 (ex VAT) a month for 500MB with a 30 day minimum term

Let’s think about handsets ...

Whatever you need a mobile device for we’ve got something that’ll do the trick. From the latest premium 4G handsets (ideal for the working in the Cloud), all the way to basic, well, phones (for all that old-fashioned stuff, like talking), we’ve got devices to match your needs and your budget.

Most popular mobile handsets - HTC, BlackBerry, Samsung and Nokia

See our most popular handsets

Call: 0800 678 1261To speak with a specialist now

BT Mobile Sharer: things you need to know

Where a Device is provided by BT under this Contract, your Service is provided for use with this Device. Use of Customer Equipment may impair the Service.

At this time, the iPhone is not compatible with the Service and is not supported by BT. If you use the iPhone with the Service then you accept that a loss in iPhone functionality may occur and that the Service may be impaired as a result. If at any stage in the future you wish to use the iPhone, you should contact BT to check the compatibility.

Europe Data Roaming Extra bolt ons.

Not available when combined with EU Traveller option.

For each Inclusive Minutes Bundle there is a nominated Primary Connection. Secondary Connections are associated with each Primary Connection and the Inclusive Minutes detailed in the table above are shared across the Primary and Secondary Connections.

BT Business Extras

Section 10b of the BT Price List sets out the BT Business Extras available with BT Business Mobile Sharer and the Terms and Conditions (including the charges) which apply.

Inclusive minutes apply to UK fixed lines, starting with 01, 02 and 03 (excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man), other UK mobile users in the UK, and voicemail. Once you have used all of your inclusive minutes, calls are then charged at standard BT Mobile rates.

Inclusive UK texts apply to any UK mobile and exclude texts outside of the UK, MMS and premium rate numbers.

Data allowance applies to data received in UK. Usage in excess of contract charged at 30p per MB. All data services on a BlackBerry 10 device will come out of the customers allocated data allowance including BlackBerry Messenger

Free calls to company phones are between BT Mobile and BT landlines on the same customer contract with One Plan Plus and Business Complete.

Minimum period and minimum term of 24 months applies. Unless stated otherwise all plan pricing is per month excluding VAT and are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change at any time. For up to date pricing please see the BT Price List at Terms and Conditions apply which can be found at

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