Military advantage through information superiority at the DSEI 2017

Visit us at this year’s DSEI event (stand S6-270) and discover how we can give you information superiority.

A successful operation can hinge on information superiority. Getting the right information to the right place at the right time, quickly and securely, is essential to making the best-informed decision.

‘New Style of IT’ collaboration, fast and secure mobile communications, global connections you can trust, and totally secure data access will give you operational advantage, whether your troops are at their home base, on manoeuvres, or deployed in theatre.     

The  effective day-to-day running of a secure and ready military base; is about connecting a highly mobile, fast-moving workforce from offices, bases, and in transit; and it’s about making sure the tactical information chain remains intact and secure.

Technological innovation drives organisations to do things better, faster, and in completely different ways. The work we’re doing at our Research & Development centre is crucial in helping our armed forces send, receive, analyse, and protect vital information.

Through digital transformation, we’re helping the MoD become more agile, more efficient, and more effective.    


Come and talk to us at the DSEI event, 12-15 September to see our innovation in action.

Live quantum encryption demo

With quantum cryptography, you can instantly detect if someone’s trying to eavesdrop on your communications. It works by sending ‘secret keys’ over fibre optic cable, using the smallest possible packets of light. Anyone trying to monitor data on the line disturbs the photons sending the keys, which causes errors in their encoding alerting you to the eavesdropping attempt.

We opened the UK’s first secure quantum communication showcase in our Research & Development centre in Ipswich last year. Visit us at DSEI and find out what we’ve been doing down there.

Cyber defence

We’re on the front line of cyber defence. We’ll explain how advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help protect the UK’s critical national infrastructure.

EE mobile connectivity

Although we’re working on developing innovations around the advent of the 5G network, there’s still work to do on 4G. Find out more about how we’re extending the reach of the 4G network to ever more inaccessible and remote areas by using small aerial cells attached to tethered balloons or drones.

‘New style of IT’ collaboration

See how we’re helping to deliver improved capability and scalable services to meet operational business needs, with a single set of sign-on credentials; getting the data and connectivity needed for the right role, when they need it.

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