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Go for Superfast Enhanced with free 4G Assure and enjoy up to £480 off the normal price and no in-contract price increases. T&Cs apply.

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Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundles – only with BT

The new Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundles bring together our best broadband connection and our latest digital phone line, at a price that’s fixed for the whole length of your contract.

Lots of benefits for business – including guarantees

The digital phone line that goes where you go

Cloud Voice Express – our latest digital phone line – lets you make and take calls on your business number from your smartphone. Download our mobile app and you can stay in touch and in control wherever you go.

Simple to buy, simple to set up and simple to use, Cloud Voice Express digital phone lines are simply brilliant for your business – now and in future. Discover the difference today.

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The digital phone line built for business

Fibre broadband with next day 4G connection that won’t let you down

With 4G Assure on our Enhanced fibre bundles, your broadband can automatically switch to 4G to keep you online. Now you’ll never lose business because of a lost connection.

We think 4G Assure is a clever bit of kit, but don’t just take our word for it. It was awarded "Best Customer Solution 2019" by the Internet Service Providers' Association.

And as soon as we take your Enhanced fibre order, we’ll send your 4G Assure out to you. So you could be up and running, downloading from the internet, sharing files and connecting with clients the very next day.

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Included with Cloud Voice Express digital phone line

The app that lets you work on the go

Download the Cloud Voice Express app to make and receive calls on your business number from your smartphone. So you can take your business anywhere.

Keep the same number for life

You can keep using your business number with your digital phone line for life, so your local presence and business identity stay with you, no matter where you move.

Call Filter – say goodbye to nuisance calls

Call Filter automatically blocks calls from BT’s blacklist of certified nuisance numbers to stop unwanted calls from reaching you, letting you focus on what really matters.

Voicemail that works harder for you

Messages are converted to text and sent to your mobile so you can listen to all your messages straight from the app. You never have to call a mailbox and you can even skip to the message you want, making life easier and saving you time.

Call Divert – take control of your calls

Now you never need to miss a call unless you want to. With the Call Divert feature you can send calls to voicemail or to someone else if you can’t answer or when you don’t want to be disturbed.

New digital phone

We give you a brand new desk phone for no extra charge. So you can really get the most from your digital phone line in your workplace.

Easy online management

It’s easy to control your new digital phone line features. Everything’s in one place in My Account – your secure area of our site. So you can now manage your digital phone line as well as track your order, view your bills and report a fault online.

Support 24/7

Our UK-based business experts are on hand around the clock with fast, free support for your digital phone line. We’ll aim to fix any fault by the end of the next working day.

Included with Enhanced Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundles

4G Assure

Switch broadband today, get connected tomorrow with 4G Assure. And because 4G Assure can automatically connect to 4G if your broadband ever goes down, you’ll never lose business because of a lost connection.

ISPA “Best Customer Solution 2019”

4G Assure was awarded “Best Customer Solution 2019” at the Internet Service Providers’ Association Awards.

More about 4G Assure

Enhanced IT Support

Your business relies on your IT. So it makes sense to get the best IT support you can. With a UK-based support team available 24/7, the extra protection of Enhanced IT Support is like having your own team on hand whenever you need them.

More about Enhanced IT Support

Static IP address

If you run a server, a website or FTP hosting, a static IP address is vital. One static IP address is included in the price for Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundles.

Included with Essential and Enhanced Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundles

BT Business Smart Hub

Get wi-fi around more of your workplace with our most powerful business hub ever. And because broadband’s faster with fibre, you’ll quickly notice the difference with a Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundle.

More about Smart Hub

UK’s largest wi-fi network

Free, unlimited access to over 5 million hotspots around the UK. You can use BT Wi-fi as soon as we confirm your Fibre & Digital Phone Line order. Even before we’ve connected your broadband.

Find your nearest BT Wi-fi hotspots

Guest Wi-Fi

People love free wi-fi. Give it to them with Guest Wi-Fi. Just switch it on from your BT Business Smart Hub to keep your data and speeds protected. And keep your customers coming back for more.

More about Guest Wi-Fi

Broadband support 24/7

Fast, free technical support for your fibre broadband. Get in touch with our UK-based business experts online or over the phone. We’re ready to help all day, every day.

Unlimited data

With our Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundles, unlimited means unlimited. You’re free to use as much data as you need – with no catches, no caps and no hidden penalties.

Our speed guarantee

We understand that keeping in touch with your customers, clients and colleagues is essential. So, if your connection drops below the minimum speed we promised and we can’t fix it, you may be able to simply walk away.

More about our speed guarantee

Upgrade at anytime

You can change your business fibre broadband to any of our superior services available in your area, anytime you want. So if Ultrafast fibre broadband becomes available, Superfast fibre broadband customers can upgrade and get even faster speeds.

Upgrades are subject to standard BT terms & conditions

Optional extras

Unlimited call plan

For peace of mind you can add unlimited calls to your bundle for just £10 a month excluding VAT (usually £13.90). So you can make as many calls as you like from your digital phone line to UK landlines and mobiles.

Additional digital phone user packs

Your Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundle includes one Cloud Voice Express user pack as standard.

You can choose up to 3 additional user packs, giving you 3 more handsets and 3 more digital phone numbers, all managed and configurable via your online portal.

Important note: You can have a maximum of 3 additional user packs or handsets in total.

Additional digital phone handsets

Your Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundle includes one Cloud Voice Express base station and handset as standard.

You can choose up to 3 additional handsets which you can connect to your base station – giving you up to 4 handsets using one digital phone number.

Important note: You can have a maximum of 3 additional user packs or handsets in total.


How quickly will my fibre broadband be connected?

Choose an Enhanced Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundle and you can have next day 4G connection.

That’s because our Enhanced bundles include 4G Assure – the internet back-up only available with BT Business.

As soon as you place your Enhanced order, we’ll send your 4G Assure out to you.

So you can be up and running using 4G the very next day. Even before your fibre broadband’s been connected.

If you're switching from another provider, our minimum lead time to install a new Fibre & Digital Phone Line is 10 working days.

How easy is it to switch to a Fibre & Digital Phone Line bundle with BT?

Very easy. You choose when you want the switch to happen, and we’ll take care of switching for you – hassle free.

Your current phone line will keep working until your new digital phone is up and running. We'll tell you when to plug in your new phone, which will start the transfer of your phone number onto your new digital phone line.

There will be a short period when you stop getting calls, but in most cases this will be less than 20 minutes.

And to make things even easier, you can also manage your new digital phone line from your smartphone – just download our app to get up and running.

Can I transfer my existing number to a digital phone line?

Yes. If you already have a phone line, you can transfer this number over to your digital phone line when you switch. So you can keep your number – even if you’re moving to a new area.

And if you move again, you can keep using the same number for life.

What benefits will a digital phone line give me?

Our digital phone lines are new technology designed for small businesses. By connecting over the internet instead of using traditional copper wiring, digital phone lines give you a more flexible way of working, both now and in future.

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing a digital phone line from BT:

  • Make and take calls on mobiles
  • We'll automatically block unwanted calls from nuisance numbers
  • Keep your number even if you move to a new area
  • Convert your voicemails to text to keep a record of them
  • Get mobile alerts when there’s a new voicemail
  • Manage account and features online
Are digital phone calls reliable?

Yes. Because we’ve bundled our business digital phone with our best ever fibre broadband and our latest hub, we can make sure that your digital phone calls are prioritised to guarantee quality.

Things you need to know

Terms, conditions and legal stuff


Prices exclude VAT of 20%. Your bundle service is subject to terms and conditions found under the BT Bundles heading at business.bt.com/terms under the Broadband and Internet dropdown.

You will be subject to a minimum contract term and at the end of this minimum contract term you will pay the full monthly bundle price – see Section 59, Part 2 of the BT Price List found at bt.com/pricing

Installation charges

You will incur a £125 charge for a new line or £40 for reactivation of an existing line or for taking over a working line. There is no charge to switch your line to BT from another supplier. Depending on your site and subject to any survey, you may incur excess construction charges – see Section 45, Part 1 of the BT Price List found at bt.com/pricing

Price that won’t go up for duration of your contract

Fixed price guaranteed for the duration of your minimum contract term and applies to your monthly bundle price only. Excludes all other charges such as add-ons or out of bundle charges.

Business broadband discounts

These offers are for new and renewing customers taking one of the eligible phone line, broadband, and calls packages. The offers are not available to customers who are regrading their business broadband; moving from BT’s home broadband service to business broadband; or starting a new contract on their existing business broadband service.

Customers with an existing business phone line can only buy a discounted package if the line does not already have broadband on it. Those customers will start a new contract on their existing phone line when they buy a discounted package.

Termination of existing PSTN service

By signing up to a new Cloud Voice Express service, your existing BT PSTN service will terminate. Once terminated, BT may not be able to re-instate your PSTN service on the same commercial terms or prices as you may previously have had.

From 01 June 2020: Equipment ownership, returning items, and non-return fees

BT owns all BT Broadband Smart Hubs, 4G Assure dongles, and Cloud Voice Express phones sent to customers from 01 June 2020 – unless you’ve bought the equipment from us outright.

If we send you any equipment to replace a hub, 4G Assure dongle, or Cloud Voice Express phone we own, please return the old items. If you leave BT, please return all the items we own.

You have 60 days to return the equipment we own, including the time for us to send you a returns bag. How to return items free of charge

If you don’t return the equipment we own, you may need to pay a non-return fee. View details of the non-return fee.


Minimum Guaranteed Download Speed (Speed promise)

Before your service starts, we will provide you with the Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed and an estimate of the upload and download you may expect. If after 10 days from the start of your service your speed is regularly at or below this speed, you may contact BT and BT will try to fix it. If BT is unable to fix it within 30 days, you can terminate your service without paying any charges (other than for any service already received) but you must return any BT Hub. See business.bt.com/terms under the Broadband and internet section for more information.

999 calls

Cloud Voice Express does not guarantee the ability to make calls to emergency services at all times.

Digital phone line bundles only available from BT

Correct as at 24 June 2019.

BT Business Broadband

BT Business Broadband requires a BT Business phone line. You’ll need to sign-up to a minimum contract. Terms and conditions apply. See bt.com/terms under the Broadband and Internet Services section for more information.


We have a compensation scheme for those rare occasions where something goes wrong, and there are delays in putting it right. See information on compensation scheme at business.bt.com/compensation-scheme-broadband

4G Assure and ‘always connected guarantee’

Included with Enhanced bundles only.

If your BT Business Broadband service fails, BT will automatically restore your broadband service through our 4G Assure service. 4G Assure works over copper, fibre and static IP.

The automatic switch over to 4G is subject to you having adequate 4G signal and power at your site and 4G broadband speeds may vary. 84% UK 4G coverage as of December 2019.

We deliver 4G Assure the next day if your order is placed by 12pm Monday to Friday and you pass credit checks.

Orders placed at the weekend will be delivered on Tuesday, or Wednesday for bank holidays.

If your 4G Assure service fails to activate within 30 minutes of you reporting a fixed line fault to us, leaving you without a broadband connection, you may be eligible to receive £25 compensation.

To be eligible for compensation you must report a fixed line failure in the correct manner.

You’re restricted to one compensation claim per month. Compensation will be paid once the fixed line fault is resolved.

ISPA award

“Best Customer Solution 2019” is a trade mark of the Internet Services Providers’ Association, used under licence.

Speed estimates

The speed ranges we show are estimates based on business peak time between 12.00 and 14.00. The estimates take into account congestion on the network at these times. Your actual broadband speeds depend on a number of factors, including distance from the exchange, your equipment, the quality of your line, the number of people connected at the same time, and whether wi-fi is being used. It can take up to 10 days for your line to settle at its maximum stable speed.

UK’s largest wi-fi network

You can get onto our wi-fi as long as you're in one of our wi-fi hotspots and your device has wireless internet.

Unlimited calls plan

Calls to UK landlines and mobiles are free for up to an hour. If your call lasts longer than an hour then you pay by the minute. Simply hang up the call and call back within each hour. You'll find the call rates to UK landlines, mobiles and international destinations in Section 56, Part 18, Subpart 12 of the BT Price List. See your terms and conditions for more information found at business.bt.com/terms under the ‘IP Communications’ heading.

Upgrade at any time

See terms and conditions at business.bt.com/terms


Several factors can affect your speed (such as distance to the street cabinet). To check the speed at this location visit: business.bt.com/products/broadband. Not all lines in Ultrafast enabled areas can support the Ultrafast service.

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