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Using 4G Assure | BT Business

Using 4G Assure

4G Assure connects when your broadband isn't working, so broadband and 4G Assure are never 'on' at the same time.

4G Assure won't affect your wi-fi strength or broadband speed, as it only comes on when they’re off.

Visit our help pages for help setting up 4G Assure or Getting started with 4G Assure.


4G Assure ‘ready’

If you’ve got a flashing green light on your 4G Assure dongle, it means your hub is connected to broadband and your 4G Assure is ready to start working if your broadband stops.

For more help learning what the lights mean and if your 4G Assure is working, go to our help article.

When 4G Assure is on, it’ll switch back to broadband automatically when it’s no longer needed, but not immediately.

4G Assure makes sure you have a stable broadband connection first. It’s only when broadband has been up and running for 15 minutes that 4G Assure will switch back.

4G Assure’s been designed this way to take away the risk of flip-flopping between connections if your broadband has an intermittent problem.

So you can rely on 4G Assure to keep you online before switching back seamlessly to a stable broadband connection.


Data and speed on 4G Assure

Data on 4G Assure

Your data usage allowance will match your broadband limit. So, if you have an unlimited broadband package, 4G Assure is unlimited too.

Speed on 4G Assure

Many factors impact speed, so it can’t be guaranteed over the 4G network.
All being well, customers who have chosen faster broadband than others should find their connection on 4G Assure is faster than others too.

Using 4G Assure with other equipment

BT Cloud Voice and BT Cloud Phone

You can use 4G Assure with BT Cloud Voice and BT Cloud Phone. They use your broadband connection so if it ever fails, 4G Assure will keep you working.


Unfortunately, BTnet leased lines aren’t compatible with 4G Assure.

Different broadband accounts

Each 4G Assure dongle is set up to work on a single broadband account only.

If you have more than one broadband line, make sure you plug each 4G Assure dongle into the correct hub.

Nobody else can use your 4G Assure as it’s been designed to work on your broadband line only.

Guest Wi-Fi

Guest Wi-Fi is only available when your BT Business Smart Hub has broadband connection.

If 4G Assure is keeping you connected using the 4G network, you’ll need to wait until broadband is available again before Guest Wi-Fi can be used.

Find out more about Guest Wi-Fi.

Bridge mode

4G Assure won't work in bridge mode.


What happens with my Static IP?

Your Static IP will work normally when 4G Assure is active. 4G Assure supports both single and multiple Static IPs.


Using 4G Assure anywhere else

You can’t use 4G Assure anywhere else, 4G Assure has been designed to work on your broadband line only.

It automatically switches to 4G to keep you connected if your broadband line isn’t working – it’s not mobile broadband.


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