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Fixing problems with 4G Assure | BT Business

Fixing problems with 4G Assure

Lost or damaged 4G Assure equipment  

4G Assure comes with:

  • BT Business 4G Assure dongle, with SIM card pre-inserted
  • USB docking station
  • USB cable

If you lose or damage any of these, contact us.

Damaged line

Yes, 4G Assure will work if your broadband line has been damaged. It’s been designed to help you stay online any time your broadband isn’t working.

So, whether it’s a short-term loss of broadband connection, or something more significant like damage to your line by a flood or by the weather, 4G Assure will keep you connected.

Power cuts

4G Assure won’t work if you’ve had a power cut unless you have a back-up generator to keep the power on.

4G Assure is designed to work together with the BT Business Smart Hub and BT Business Hub 5, you’ll need a working power supply to your hub to stay online.

If there’s a power cut, you’ll connect again automatically once power’s been restored, either with broadband as normal or with 4G Assure if broadband’s unavailable.

Returning your 4G Assure equipment

You’ll need to return your BT-owned equipment to us to avoid charges being added to your bill. Find out how to return your equipment to us for free in three easy steps.

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