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Find out what the lights mean on 4G Assure | BT Business

Find out what the lights mean on 4G Assure

4G Assure uses different colour lights so you can see how well it’s working.

Here’s what the different 4G Assure lights mean, and some quick fixes you can try.


What it means What to do

No lights

No lights on 4G Assure

4G Assure isn’t plugged in, or the hub isn’t on.
  • Plug the 4G Assure dongle into the docking station.
  • Connect the USB docking station to the USB port on the back of your hub.
  • Switch on the hub.

Flashing green light

Flashing green light on 4G Assure

4G Assure is on but not active. Nothing – everything is working normally. 4G Assure is ready to keep you automatically connected if your hub loses broadband.

Flashing blue light

Flashing blue light on 4G Assure

4G Assure is connecting to 4G. Nothing – your hub's lost its broadband so 4G Assure is connecting to 4G to keep you online. If the blue light flashes for more than a minute or two, you can check your signal strength in our Getting started with 4G Assure article

Blue light

Blue light on 4G Assure

4G Assure is connected to 4G. Nothing – 4G Assure is working perfectly to keep you connected. When broadband is stable again, your hub will automatically reconnect to broadband (you’ll see a flashing green light when it does).

You can also find out what the lights mean on the BT Business Smart Hub and BT Business Hub 5.


Why is my BT Business Smart Hub light purple?

If the light on your BT Business Smart Hub turns purple, 4G Assure is keeping you connected.

The purple light shows you are using 4G instead of broadband.

Purple light on Smart Hub

When your broadband is available, your hub will switch back automatically, and the blue light will show.

Blue light on Smart Hub


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