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Help moving premises

When you move premises, first we need to check what tech your new address has and whether it’s had a service before. This will determine how long it’ll take us to get your new address set up.

How much notice will I need to give before moving?

This depends on how complex your products and services are, our appointment availability and the state of the premises that you’re moving to.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, please call us as soon as you can. Although we can organise simple moves within two to three weeks, more complex moves can take up to three months to organise.

Your broadband can be activated once your phone line is fully operational. If you have broadband with another supplier and not with BT, you might not be able to connect broadband on the same day as your line.

What charges will I have to pay when I move premises?

This will depend on what services you require and what's already installed at your new premises.

All your charges are set out in the contract we send you to confirm your order. When you contact us, we can discuss the charges with you.

What happens to my connection if I move location?

When you cancel the connection to your old premises the original contract terms will apply. If the initial contract term of 12 months has not expired you’ll be liable to pay for the remaining balance.

However, if you install BT Business Broadband at your new location, any outstanding minimum contract period charges at the old location will be credited to the new account following installation.

Can I take my existing phone number with me when I move?

Yes. We can provide cloud-based setups that let you keep the same number no matter where your business has moved to.

How do I update my BT phone book directory listing?

When you confirm your requirements for the move, we'll ask whether you want to update your BT directory listing and do this for you.

How do I stop services at our old premises?

We’ll co-ordinate the stopping of your old service and the activation at your new premises to suit your plans.

I don’t want to move all of my products/services, what should I do?

Tell us about which services you plan to move as early as possible by contacting us using the moving premises contact us page.

Will BT help me move my equipment and install it in my new premises?

Yes, for certain products but there could be a charge for this service. The lead time for moving equipment will be dependent on the complexity of the equipment.

We have specific IT and phone system requirements for our new premises. Can BT help?

Yes, just contact us using the moving premises contact us page and one of our dedicated moving team will be in touch.

What happens if I move premises when I have BT Business Complete or BT Call Essentials?

We’ll simply transfer your existing plan to your new address and you can continue where you left off.

How do I find out if broadband is available at our new premises?

You can find out if broadband is available at your new premises by using our availability checker.

Visit our Moving premises website to find out more about what you can expect when moving your products and services to new premises.

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