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How to reset BT Business Hub 5 and BT Business Smart Hub | BT Business

How to reset BT Business Hub 5 and BT Business Smart Hub

Experiencing speed and connection problems with your broadband service? The quickest and easiest way to solve these issues is the controlled shutdown and switching back on of your equipment. This is called 'power cycling'.

Power cycling

  1. Shut down your computer and any devices your Hub is connected to.
  2. Press the Restart button on the side of your Hub.
  3. Wait for your Hub to start-up, its light should turn solid blue when it does.
  4. When your Hub is ready, turn your computer on, wait until your desktop has fully loaded, then turn on your other devices.

Factory reset

If you've power cycled your router and it hasn't solved your connection issue, you may want to do a factory reset. This returns your hub to its default settings, discarding any changes you've made to it. Factory resetting your router means that you'll lose any configured settings on your network.

  1. Press and release the Reset button on the back of your hub using a pin or paperclip. All lights on your hub will go out.
    Hub 3 reset button
  2. Wait for your hub's Broadband light to turn blue - this may take several minutes.
  3. Redo any changes that you previously made in Hub Manager. This may include:
  • Reactivating your BT Wi-fi hotspot settings
  • Resetting any wireless settings that you changed.
  • Resetting your Hub Admin password and any Hub Manager changes.
  • Resetting your BT Business Hub 5 network login details.

Still having problems with your business broadband? Report a fault online.

Need help resetting BT Business Hub 2 or 3?

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