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How can I turn my BT/EE Wi-Fi service on and off | BT Business

How can I turn my BT/EE Wi-Fi service on and off?

Your BT Business Hub will allow you to broadcast your very own BT/EE Wi-Fi hotspot. This can be done through the BT Business Hub's web interface.

The Hub Manager is where you can change or view your Hub's settings

  • Open your web browser: Type into the address bar (where you normally type the internet address; there's no need for www or http, just type the number directly into the address bar) and press 'Enter'.
  • Select Public wi-fi.
  • When you’re prompted, enter your Hub admin password and click OK.  This password can be found on the setting’s card on the back of your hub.
  • You can toggle BT/EE Wi-Fi ON or OFF.

The status shows as pending until this process has completed and can take up to 24 hours.

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