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Using MobileIron Cloud | BT Business

Using MobileIron Cloud

When using the MobileIron platform, all users will be invited by their email address. The email address will be used to authenticate them when logging into the MobileIron app and becomes associated with the phone and/or tablet being managed.

Adding MobileIron Cloud to employees' devices

To be able to manage a device, they need to download the MobileIron app.

Once they receive the email invite you've sent them via the platform, they should open the email on the mobile device they want to use and follow the URL which will lead them to the correct app. Once they go through the download, they can log in with the credentials sent to them via email.

Resetting your MobileIron Cloud password

Go to the log in page of the MobileIron Cloud service and select reset password. An email will be sent to the registered email address (which will be the IT Administrator's email address) with instructions on what to do next.

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