Premium Calling Features

Make sure your customers aren't left hanging at the end of the phone...

  • Call answering, call diversion and caller identity products to manage your calls effectively
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Mix and match the right calling features for your business

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Call answering

With our call answering services you need never miss a call again.

All of our paid for answering services come with the following features:

  • Personalise greeting
  • Access messages remotely
  • Automatic message alert
  • Adjustable ring length

BT 1571


Free answering service that simply takes your messages.

BT Call Minder

£3.69 / month (ex VAT)

Voice messaging service consisting of one mailbox. You can personalise your greeting and receive SMS alerts when a message is received.

BT Call Minder Extensions

From £4.38 / month (ex VAT)

Voice messaging service consisting of nine mailboxes.

BT Call Minder Premier

5 mailboxes £5.94/ month (ex VAT)
7 mailboxes £6.47/ month (ex VAT)
9 mailboxes £6.92 / month (ex VAT)

Voice and fax messaging service with optional number of mailboxes.

Call diversion

Wherever you're working, our call re-direct services mean you can be reached wherever you are. You will always be there to take that important call.

Smart Divert

From £6.56 / month (ex VAT)

With BT Smart Divert you can be reached by a single contact number. It diverts incoming calls to most contact numbers - so customers can always get through, even to most overseas locations.

  • Flexible system - it's easy to change the contact number
  • Security PIN number ensures you stay in control
  • Smart Divert Pack options give you real flexibility
  • Activate or deactivate Smart Divert remotely at any time

Call Redirect

£16.20 / month (ex VAT)

With Call Redirect you don't have to worry about losing calls because you've changed your premises or expanded to bigger offices.

Callers will be made aware of your new telephone number by this message: e.g. ”The number called has been changed to [new number]”.

  • Callers to your old number will be told your new number
  • Call Redirect offers a quick way to advise regular callers of your new phone number and ensures that "ad hoc" callers are advised of your new phone number over time
  • Gives you peace of mind when moving address or making other business changes
  • The Call Redirect service is automatic and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Caller identity

Want to know who's calling? Or let people see you are calling them. With our caller identity services you can identify the caller or let the person at the other end know you are calling them.

Calling Line Identity

£3.88 a month (ex VAT)

  • Allows you to identify the caller before answering
  • Helps you greet the customer in the correct manner
  • Links with Computer Telephony Integration

Presentation Number

£60.00 Connection (ex VAT ) then £3.75 a month (ex VAT)

A specific phone number which is presented whenever you dial out, which enables you to get through to customers who block anonymous calls, and makes it easy for people to call you back.

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